People Insights

Take your employer brand to the next level with People Insights and make your people initiatives exactly what your employees want

People Insights is an easy way to measure people’s interactions, behaviors, and sentiment over time. You can uncover trends and actionable insights that will help you increase engagement.

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People Insights is an easy way to measure people’s interactions, behaviours, and sentiment over time.

Understand the pulse of your company

Give everyone a voice through data obtained from people insights


Give everyone a voice through data

Get data that accurately reflects the employee experience


Get data that accurately reflects the employee experience

Build on what people insights shows is working


Build on what’s working and move away from what isn’t

See how well your initiatives are performing

Article Stats

People Stats


Content Stats

Login Stats

Article Stats

Find out what content resonates and track communication performance

A snapshot of your articles tells you how many reads, likes, and comments each article has. This information will help you identify which topics are attracting the most attention and give you a better understanding of what your audience wants.

People Stats

Identify your most engaged employees and departments and improve business results

Our dashboards provide a full picture of your most interactive departments and people, ranked by the number of sentiment clicks, likes, and comments. So whether you’re looking to encourage more discussion or simply gauge interest in a new initiative, StaffCircle will help you pinpoint where to focus your efforts.

Content Stats

See how engagement with your content changes over time

Compare monthly engagement levels for all types of content – articles, events, and polls. You’ll be able to see if more or less content was created with higher or lower engagement rates.

Social Sharing

Engage a larger audience, build your employer brand and your image as an employer of choice

Get your articles seen by more people. With just a few clicks, you can share your articles on email, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Plus, our convenient RSS feed makes it easy to keep track of all the latest socially sharable content Whilst our intelligent analytics tools let you see who your biggest sharers and content creators are.

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