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Getting the right message across in the right way and to the right people

Editable Communication Templates

Consistent communication

Aligning corporate communication to business strategy and culture is essential to effective and consistent business operations. With a comprehensive communication strategy, and an employee communication platform, organisations can ensure that they:

  • Communicate consistent messages
  • Create scalable processes
  • Establish a recognisable employment brand
  • Deliver messages from the top that echo the organisation’s mission, vision and culture.

Effective and consistent communication can help improve employee morale, satisfaction and engagement. The consistent messaging also helps employees processes and policies relating to their employment, which in turn can drive commitment and loyalty.

Educating employees also helps to lessen the chances for misunderstandings and potentially reduces grievances and lawsuits. Not only are communication processes and procedures improved, but ultimately wider processes are improved.

Consider your audience and your objective

Before communicating any message, the first step is to put yourself in the shoes of your audience. What do they need to know, and what do they know already? What will stop them from listening to what you have to say? How will you know that they have got the message?

Make sure the value of the message outweighs the downsides, even if you are communicating something negative, ensure there are some positive takeaways.

By utilising the platform’s pre-made templates, you can rest-assure that your communications strategy is in good hands.

Examples of templated communications

  • Responding to employee issues
  • Dealing with external media
  • Crisis communications
  • Onboarding and offboarding
  • Day-to-day alerts
  • Appointments of new positions
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Efficient Internal Communications


Create and edit pre-made templates across numerous tasks like article alerts, password changes and employee signups, creating a more consistent brand and culture.

Adhering to these communication templates will ensure everyone inside your organisation is on the same page about how to communicate your company’s mission, news updates and general comms, as well as why and how you do what you do.

Monitor Effectiveness

As you develop your communications strategy, considering quantitative measures helps to evaluate the effectiveness of that communication, as well as other factors such as sentiment, engagement and culture. This allows you to assess if your communication efforts are progressing at the right pace.

Our platform allows administrators to report on a number of metrics including send rate, open rate, response rate, follow-up action completion, as well as where those individuals are based, what team they are in and more. This allows organisations to make data informed decisions about where potential bottlenecks in communications are forming.