Development Objectives

Provide strategic direction to your workforce

Providing Direction to a Business

Proactive performance feedback

Development objectives can be set for any member within your organisation, including individuals, or departments. The development objectives are actionable plans put in place to improve an employee’s career and role, which goes far beyond performance objectives.

Setting objectives are imperative, as they are the key to progressing and developing with performance and also achieving certain goals for the development of the individual, department and wider company.

These objectives may relate to training, project management, time management, leadership, strategy, productivity, communication, personal skills, customer satisfaction, customer-wide goals and general analysis and planning.

Using personal development plans

Personal development objectives can be used as part of a personal development plan (PDP) or more importantly, aligned to departmental goals. Personal development plans reflect on achievement, identifying skills and areas for development, setting goals, recording reflection and learning to capitalise on strengths.

Personal development plans are ideal for managers as it gives them an idea of how their employees effectively work whilst giving employees an opportunity to assess their strengths, weaknesses and address challenges in their career that need overcoming. In doing this, employees will be on the right track to creating their development objectives.

Employees should view their personal development plan as part of their daily role and on an ongoing basis, rather than only on an occasional basis, which isn’t as effective. When used correctly, development plans provide opportunities through daily work and contribute towards development objectives.

Facilitating Business Planning

Other methods of achieving development objectives

When setting out development objectives, it’s important that employees understand that whilst they are encouraged to spend time improving their personal development to achieve objectives, this doesn’t need to be done in their own personal time.

Side projects are an excellent way of achieving new objectives and provide employees with the opportunity to step away from their usual day-to-day role. This is also a great excuse to create teams so that employees can take on team-building tasks to get to know other members of the team to help strengthen employee relationships.

Training Programmes

Training programs are an excellent way for employees to learn new skills, get involved with something different and strengthen their knowledge on different aspects of their job role. Your employees may want to learn something they’ve never been able to learn before, or they may need further support to boost their knowledge on an aspect they incorporate into their career. Whether it’s an online training program, training events or enrolling a professional to come in to train the team, it makes achieving development objectives more straightforward.

You may also benefit from using our Performance Management Software which enables you to track performance, train and reward your team to build an engaged workforce with improved and ongoing department objectives. The software also allows you to create structured development plans, skills assessments, department reports, 360 feedback and appraisals with complete templates.