Efficiently allocate resources based on skills and identify skill gaps

Employee Skills

Identifying different skill sets

Throughout your organisation, you’ll have team members with different skill sets and stronger areas of expertise compared to other team members.

There are certain skills that as an employer, you’ll be looking for in your employees. The main skills your employees will possess include communication, decision-making, commitment, flexibility, leadership, time management and teamwork. However, there are likely to be skills beyond these qualities that set each employee apart from the rest and make them more suitable than other employees when you delegate work and structure your teams.

performance management system can support in achieving and tracking employee skills, whether you’re looking to identify these skill sets by searching for employees or looking to keep track of skills that all employees have.

Keep track of employee skills

Skills can be uploaded, customised and set for each individual, job role and even team. Skill gaps show up where individuals do not have all the required skills for the job role they have been assigned, and personal development plans can then be used to fill these skill gaps.

The platform allows you to search for users within the module based on the skills they hold, making it easier to keep track of the skills within your organisation. This is important in identifying where the desired skills are within the business and where the skill gaps are. Not only does this make it easier to ensure that projects are resourced and completed by the most suited employees, but it also supports in identifying gaps to influence future training programs.

Within the People & Teams module on the platform, you can view, add and edit all of the skills that really matter to your business. You can then add skills directly to an employee’s profile in their user section and aggregate them in the Team view.

Personal Development

Integrate core values into succession planning

When structuring employee one-to-ones, you’ll most likely discuss performance, development and areas that the employee would like to advance their skill set in. In order to keep track of personal development, you can use performance management software.

This software enables you to integrate your core values into your succession planning. This means that you can align the desired skills and behaviours within personal development plans, making it much easier to keep track of which skills an employee is planning to develop.

Benefits of a skills management software
  • Generate a skills matrix report for individuals, departments or teams
  • Gain powerful insights to make data driven decisions
  • Identify skill gaps for recruitment opportunities
  • Identify internal training opportunities
  • Analyse skill progress against KPIs and objectives
  • Monitor progress in real-time
  • Allocate resources based on best skill sets