Communicate easily with all staff within your organization

Communicate easily with all staff within your organization

Staffcircle connects doctors, nurses, upper management, non-desk workers and healthcare professional. Our Platform and App allows for increased interaction, greater transparency and feedback from remote doctors, nurses and healthcare workers.

Centralized mobile intranet

Documents, worksheets (digital equivalent of your paper based forms) and tasks – all in one central location. Provide a real-time feed of company information through articles and personal notifications which can generate likes and suggestions.

Keep your staff up to date with video training

Allows your new hires and existing people to get up to speed quickly by accessing training videos using their own smartphones or company iPads or Laptops. How-to video guides for related Healthcare tasks can be created and uploaded easily using the StaffCircle platform.

Unleash Powerful Tools with Branded Employee App

See it in action, how Staffcircle can help your organisation. Only 20 minutes of your time and it's FREE.

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