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Employee Success: How Automated Appraisals Create Results

One of the key performance management trends of 2020 has seen businesses increasingly move from annual performance reviews to ongoing appraisals which emphasize regular feedback and employee development. Automated appraisals, encompassing everything from gathering performance-related data and reports to customizable templates and schedules, are crucial

Performance Management Trends For 2021

Understanding the tumultuous events of 2020 gives business leaders an insight into the kinds of performance management trends 2021 might bring, allowing them to adapt to existing challenges and maintaining the flexibility required to adapt to future uncertainties. Current trends in performance management are intrinsically

2 Ways to Lead a Resilient Organisation

I saw a meme which said, ‘Can you tell me where the reset button is for 2020, as I’d like to start it again?’ 2020 has been tough on many levels. As someone who used to head up an HR team, I have felt for


Using Data For Talent Attraction, Engagement & Retention

Top talent act as multipliers, attracting additional top talent to work for a business. But attracting and retaining top talent requires more than just an appealing package of company perks; it requires a culture which values growth and learning, where employees are given ample opportunities

Automated appraisals

10 Ways To Overcome Challenges with Automated Appraisals

Performance appraisals are intimately linked to a wide range of employee behaviours. From the way they interact with their peers, managers and supervisors, to the successful completion of goals and objectives and the challenges they overcome, appraisals require a holistic view of an employee’s role

rethinking performance management

Rethinking Performance Management In The New Normal

Many UK businesses are currently in the process of returning to the workplace, even as large percentage of their staff continue as remote workers, creating new challenges for managers and HR leaders when trying to manage teams and individuals in the “new normal”. Employees returning