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How HR Leaders Must Deal With Business Disruption

Reacting after a crisis is no longer an effective strategy for business and HR leaders. Responding to business disruptions is taking on a proactive form, with HR leaders adopting a strategy which seeks to understand potential challenges before they happen through comprehensive data analytics and

The Importance of Strategic HR Management to Organisational Resilience

Organisational resilience demands a firm grasp of potential long-term risk drawn from an holistic understanding of a business’s strategic needs. At the same time, resilience requires an ability to react immediately to short-term challenges and make rapid decisions under stress. Strategic HR management provides organisational

Ways to Measure Strategic HR Effectiveness

During uncertain times business leaders and HR managers require robust strategies in order to foresee and overcome potential challenges. Traditional HR methods lack the analytical insight required to offer businesses the information they need to recognise trends and take action. Here’s how strategic HR can

2021 Workforce Predictions

I don’t suppose anybody has bothered to look back at articles that were written at the end of 2019, predicting how the world of work and HR would change in 2020. Surely, they were all wrong? Well, I spent 10 minutes having a quick look

Celebrating the team: keeping employees engaged during lockdowns

The prospect of further winter lockdowns and continued, widespread remote working has created a number of challenges for businesses seeking to boost morale. Innovative employee engagement strategies emphasizing recognition and celebrating employee success have become more important than ever before. Impact of lockdown on mental

The rise of the virtual team: a 2021 roadmap for HR leaders

The rapid rise in remote working has forced business leaders to adopt bold new strategies, with multi-channel communications and performance management at its core. Virtual teams require digital solutions in order to keep employees connected, and tools such as Microsoft Teams have stepped up to

Employee Success: How Automated Appraisals Create Results

One of the key performance management trends of 2020 has seen businesses increasingly move from annual performance reviews to ongoing appraisals which emphasize regular feedback and employee development. Automated appraisals, encompassing everything from gathering performance-related data and reports to customizable templates and schedules, are crucial

Performance Management Trends For 2021

Understanding the tumultuous events of 2020 gives business leaders an insight into the kinds of performance management trends 2021 might bring, allowing them to adapt to existing challenges and maintaining the flexibility required to adapt to future uncertainties. Current trends in performance management are intrinsically

2 Ways to Lead a Resilient Organisation

I saw a meme which said, ‘Can you tell me where the reset button is for 2020, as I’d like to start it again?’ 2020 has been tough on many levels. As someone who used to head up an HR team, I have felt for