Making Training more Engaging – Enabling anytime Digital Training using a Mobile App

Employee training is crucial to business, especially when working in an industry that requires constant knowledge acquisition and skills improvement.  Not only is training essential during the early stages of an employee’s onboarding process but it is also critical to make sure that the business remains at the leading edge of the industry regardless of what industry that may be. However, it cannot be denied that traditional training can be quite costly especially when you have to provide training to several workers at different stages of their employment. Furthermore, dedicated training systems or LMS can suffer from a lack of employee engagement – they simply don’t have the time or willingness to login and run through the training course – out of sight out of mind.

Fortunately today with the availability of StaffCircle’s unified workforce management platform, transfer of knowledge is as easy as picking up your mobile phone, clicking on your workforce app and subscribing to a relevant training module or course.

Some Businesses  who make use of digital training platforms or Learning Management Systems (LMS) can reduce the cost of investing in big infrastructure and equipment for in-person training. Mobile Digital Training applications like StaffCircle’s Training Module is extremely beneficial not only because it helps reduce the cost of training, but more importantly because it offers efficient knowledge and skills transfer in an accessible and convenient manner – inside the same app as the employee uses to check-in, access company communications, documents and objectives. Since the training is part of an integrated workforce system the engagement can be driven automatically by the platform.


The mobility aspect is very important as it gives organisations accessibility and the opportunity to start the onboarding training process even before the employee or contractor has started at the company. For your existing teams, it gives  employees exactly what they want—which is freedom to learn at their own pace and in their own time. This kind of personalized learning is exactly what StaffCircle Digital Training offers, allowing employees access to the video training content that they require from their very own smartphone, PC, or tablet.

Mobility is another major benefit of digital training apps, enabling true anytime learning while ensuring fast delivery of updated content, even at home. With a mobile training application, employees have access to an entire range of training materials along with practice tests and different kinds of exercises that can help them gauge and quantify what they have learned. Awards and Skills can then be assigned to employees once they have completed a course giving them visibility of their progress.

Another advantage of having digital training technology as part of a single unified system like StaffCircle is that it is linked together with other areas of employee engagement to form a complete 360 picture of a person’s productivity and advancement, something that a standalone training system cannot achieve on its own.