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Performance management.
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Deliver real-time feedback, meaningful appraisals, and clear objectives with Performance Management from StaffCircle. It’s the driving force behind high-performing teams.

  • Align employee and organisational goals to drive successful business outcomes
  • Enable meaningful feedback, create better performance and start conversations
  • No more paper, no mass scheduling, no more chasing managers

Organisations building great places to work with StaffCircle

StaffCircle’s all-in-one platform combines the three essential pillars of employee success and gives you the tools and insights to power a winning people strategy.

Employee engagement

Improve engagement and retention with visible recognition aligned to company values. Get more insight with real-time data on employee satisfaction and culture.

Performance management

Integrate continuous performance development into daily work. Allow your team to receive valuable feedback, request manager support and manage their own progress.

Skills and development

Get a true understanding of employee potential with fact-based evaluations and insights. Create high performance with personal development plans, proficiency assessment and progression tracking.

Real-time performance feedback

Our system provides up-to-date performance data for everyone in the company, allowing you to see who is doing well and who needs help. Improve performance with effective feedback.

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Create alignment through OKRs

Drive company-wide goal-setting with StaffCircle's OKR features. Clarify priorities, set visible targets, and track progress. Implement OKR methodology for clear alignment of individual goals across the entire company.

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Gain insights with customisable 360-degree feedback appraisals & reviews

Get comprehensive feedback from individuals, peers, managers, and clients for skill mapping and employee performance. Analyse feedback with in-built AI, reveal trends and get deeper insights to supplement managerial input.

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Understand the value of every employee

Collate every platform interaction to build a real-time picture of employee potential. Identify top performers, development requirements and future leaders at a glance.

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