Dashboards & Reports

Use Dashboards & Reports to make better business decisions and easily course-correct if unforeseen events happen

Go beyond basic reporting with our customizable dashboards that tell the story of your employees’ performance and manager effectiveness in real-time.

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Make better business decisions with dashboards & reports


Use dashboards & reports to help them realise their potential

Set goals & objectives

Create goals and objectives for teams, departments, or individuals

Provide full visibility on progress with dashboard & reports

Follow the progress in real-time

Get an overview of the number of objectives updated or completed

Engage with dashboard & reports

Export reports

Compare scores and pinpoint any gaps or discrepancies in manager behavior

Gain a bird’s eye view of company performance

Enhanced visibility of employee engagement

Better forecasting and decision making

Increased productivity rooted in crystal-clear goals

Objectives progress

Follow the progress in real-time and see the number of objectives updated and completed

Track the completion of must-have tasks. StaffCircle lets you see the number of objectives updated and completed in real-time. This ensures that when it comes to regular reviews you get an accurate picture of performance.

Objectives stats

Visualize how your work contributes to overall business success

The overview of the hierarchy of how all individual objectives link to wider business objectives lets you simplify and focus performance management on a few vital goals.

Review stats

Align review metrics to goals

Identify people without objectives and how many overdue reviews you have in a department or within the business as a whole. This allows you to remind managers so that employees don’t miss out on feedback.

Manager performance

Accurately reflect the entirety of employee contributions and flag any scoring bias

Compare review scores within a department or against other departments and identify any inconsistencies or potential manager bias. Click the results to get to the specific highlighted reviews.

Review appraisal summary

Go beyond one-sided performance evaluations

StaffCircle gives you insights into the commentary from every single review – good, bad, and indifferent. You’ll get a list of what other audiences thought, giving you an accurate depiction of how your employees are doing

Customized access rights

Access all your data with a click of a button, configure which reports are accessible to specific employees

With StaffCircle’s HR analytics, you can easily create custom access rights for recipients of your reports. This way, you can be sure that only the most relevant information is being shared with the right people.

Export reports

Ensure your team is effectively collecting and analyzing data

All reports can be exported into Excel with just a few clicks of a button.

Experience how it could work specifically for your business

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