Awards & Recognition

Create an irresistible place of work that attracts and retains top talent with Awards & Recognition

StaffCircle uniquely combines performance management software with awards and recognition to take your culture to the next level.

Use awards & recognition to create an irresistible place of work that attracts and retains top talent, regardless of location

How our awards and recognition software works

Use awards & recognition to praise & thank them for a job well done

Customizable awards and feedback

Create fun awards and badges that can be given out to employees

Celebrate them with awards & recognition

Linked to company values

Link them to your company values so that they drive the right behaviors

Share success stories with others

Communicated in an engaging way

Share success and encourage positive behavior by posting awards on the newsfeed and via multi-channel comms

The power of praise

Retain top talent by creating a culture of recognition

Proven to increase employee engagement levels

High engagement = high performance

Award types

Recognition that’s aligned with company goals and values

StaffCircle lets you link awards to your company’s mission and goals, so when you praise someone the feedback links to your company’s overall strategy. The Award types are completely customizable which enables you to create an award for each of your core values.

Awards integration

Connected to performance management

With One2One Check-ins, Real-Time Feedback, and Awards & Recognition all linked to Reviews, you can build a detailed picture of employee performance. StaffCircle makes it easy to identify top performers and keep your team motivated!

Recognition types

Goes beyond manager to employee recognition

Give every employee the ability to celebrate their colleagues, wherever they are located, ensuring no one feels left out.

Award Categories

Encourages friendly competition

Give your people meaningful and memorable recognition that perfectly aligns with your employee engagement strategy. Whether it’s Service Length, Employee-of-the-month, Performance, Leadership, or Teamwork awards, your creativity is the only limit to the award categories you can create.

Awards reports

Earn badges and collect points

Awards and award points accumulate on the individual’s profile. Run a report that shows each award given per person, most award points per person, and top award by a specific competency.

Feedback visibility

Choose if praise is visible to one individual only, a select group of people, or make it public

Tell the recipient or multiple people about the Award that has been given by adding an Award Article in the communications feed, showing the details of the award. Others are notified and can like, share and comment.

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