Social Intranet

The Social Intranet is the home of all your company’s resources and knowledge that brings people together

Create content, communicate, collaborate, manage tasks and events, and develop the company culture.

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The Social Internet is the home of all your company's resources and knowledge that brings people together

Create a central hub for information, files and fun

Bring your team together with strong social features on the social intranet


Bring your team together with strong social features

Use the social intranet to schedule & publish company-wide materials and messages


Schedule & publish company-wide materials and messages

Engage everyone with interactive content via your social intranet


Engage everyone with interactive content

Strengthen communication & productivity

Collaboration Tools

Document Repository

Channels & Pages



Channels & Pages

Connect remote teams and build stronger relationships

Keep your team focused and in sync with content channels specifically tailored for certain groups. With discussion threads focused on particular projects or objectives, relevant information can be easily shared to keep everyone on the same page.

Employer Branding

Give your intranet an inviting identity

A well-branded intranet will give your company a competitive edge. It increases employee adoption by providing an easily recognizable identity. With StaffCircle you can create something truly bespoke for your business.

Content Wizard

Plan announcements, campaigns, and company initiatives ahead of time and choose from a variety of templates

Our easy-to-use tool is like having a personal assistant that lets you plan and schedule articles, announcements, and campaigns far in advance, so you can focus on creating valuable, engaging materials – without worrying about when they will go live. Time-saving and stress-free, our content scheduling functionality is your key to better employer branding.


Make information more exciting with the use of images and videos

Boost engagement by breaking up the flow of text with visual context. With StaffCircle, you can add images, and videos and even link content to external social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. You can use our Multimedia capability to provide training or tutorials on your intranet.

Content Search Functionality

Make your content easy to find with tags #

When it comes to managing your company’s intranet content, tags are key. With tags, you can easily and efficiently search for information and locate it according to keywords or categories. This saves time and makes life easier for everyone in your organization.


Get insightful data on employee engagement and consumption of content

Use analytics to measure staff engagement. or for compliance and audits. Track likes, shares, sentiments, and comments to see what content is resonating with employees and whether they’re enjoying using your intranet.

Experience how it could work specifically for your business

Watch how The Green Organic Dutchman saved $60,000 with StaffCircle

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