Better communication and Engagement in Civil Engineering

Fast and targeted communication with your employees

Staffcircle connects your employees, desk-workers and non-desk workers and people from all departments. Our app allows for easily and fast sharing of targeted information like news, training, and safety procedures as well as receiving feedback.

Manage worker tasks more efficiently

Create work forms and assign them as tasks to individuals or teams. Digitise many paper based forms and complete them as one off or recurring tasks using your smartphone, tablet or pc.

Share information with a Mobile Intranet

Accessible to everyone, Smart documents, critical alerts, worksheets, tasks – all in one central location and accessible from a mobile phone. Provide a real-time feed of company information through articles and personal notifications which can generate likes and comments with images.

Unleash Powerful Tools with Branded Employee App

See it in action, how Staffcircle can help your organisation. Only 20 minutes of your time and it's FREE.

2018 - Workforce Productivity Report

The Secret to increasing Workforce Performance through great Objectives Management