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How a dynamic approach to technology can create an agile global workforce

TBR Global Chauffeuring is a world leader in ground transportation, relentlessly driving excellence across the financial roadshow, global events and corporate travel markets. Combining cutting-edge technology with award-winning expertise, TBR enhances customer lives by consistently delivering a safe, high-quality service, providing complete confidence.

  • 87.5% time saving : From 6 days of HR admin tasks per month to 6 hours
  • From non-trackable mass e-mails to measurable and trackable global communication and increased employee engagement
  • Accurate view of global headcount. Managers have overview of holidays and absence directly, without having to contact HR
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On the road to success

StaffCircle’s story with TBR Global Chauffeuring began in 2018 when the company’s ‘Growth for 2020’ initiative was being developed. As part of this process, the leadership team put a lot of emphasis on laying the foundations for an HR strategy that was truly powered by the company’s core values. A people management approach that was built on customer excellence, innovation, growing employees to be global champions and an obsession with quality.

Consequently, investing in creating the best employee experience through optimising productivity, performance and resilience were high on the agenda for Martin Edward, Chief Operating Officer and Susan Knox, Head of People & Culture. The leadership team also recognised that they were only able to achieve this through employee engagement and communication.

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The strategic challenge

Not having an all-encompassing HR system created challenges with balancing the need for a strategic function with operational needs.  Supporting over 250 employees worldwide the HR team spent a lot of time on administrative tasks reducing their ability to execute strategic projects. As a lot of data was

recorded on spreadsheets, pulling up and finding information could also be time-consuming and cumbersome.

With hubs on three continents, a large proportion of the workforce operates globally.  As such, communicating and obtaining feedback from employees in a simple and centralised way was also a challenge, both from compliance and from a social aspect.

The team used 5 different methods for connecting with each other worldwide, but there was no capability to comment or share knowledge other than via e-mails or WhatsApp.  This made it more difficult for Marketing & Communications Executive, Emma O’Hare to measure the success of internal marketing campaigns or to determine how engaged employees were with the content.

StaffCircle comms platform

Taking the tech approach leads to measurable success

Innovation is something that TBR Global Chauffeuring excel at. The founder of the business Michael O’Hare developed a world-class proprietary software to manage TBR’s growing supplier and client base, whilst maintaining quality control. So, they decided to once again, take the tech approach when it comes to their people and HR initiatives.

They looked at a few platforms but StaffCircle’s integrated approach to Performance Management, Communications and HR & Time off meant that both HR and Marketing could effortlessly reinforce the activities of one another.  Aside from getting a full turnkey solution the product cost less than most of its competitors. Furthermore, its easily customisable features meant that the software wasn’t just UK-specific. Having considered these benefits, the TBR team made the decision to implement StaffCircle.

The platform gives an accurate picture of the global headcount. Furthermore, it created increased measurable employee engagement and more effective communication, allowing the HR team to automate mundane tasks and focus on their strategic projects. Managers have an overview of time off and absence, so they don’t have to contact HR to get this information.

Prior to implementing StaffCircle, many of TBR’s teams would utilise shared mailboxes which meant that comms would be quickly filed away. There was no way to accurately track who had read the comms. Having a record of communications provides data, that can inform leadership decisions. The team can ‘like’ and comment on leadership communication rather than having to type out mass or ’round-robin’ e-mails to respond.

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TBR on top

Because of its innovative, agile approach to business operations, TBR Global Chauffeuring were able to make accurate and timely decisions responding to the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Their HR team can make workforce-related decisions in a way that customer experience

remains superior. The global team operates safely during the pandemic, with a clearly communicated roadmap for Health and Safety, reducing the risk of hazards and creating a better health and safety culture. The team shares best practices, regardless of distance.

The result?

Without a doubt continued customer excellence, with vehicles equipped to operate safely, minimising the risk of transmission and protecting customers whilst retaining their original luxury. TBR Global chauffeuring remains fully operational to make their customers’ lives easier by providing a consistent, safe and high-quality service.

Immediate Advantages

  • Improved process for posting and sending communications
  • Accurate view of global headcount
  • Easy overview of time off and absence with reporting capabilities
  • 2-way communications replaced mass e-mails
  • Increased employee engagement

The TBR team enjoys the same approach to customer excellence from StaffCircle as they provide to their own customers. Regular two-way conversations mean that the software is continuously being adapted to the customers’ needs

Susan Knox, Head of People & Culture, TBR Global Chauffeuring