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Branded Workforce App

Extends your company’s brand into your employees pocket and creates an employee centric location for your company which is easily accessible for every member of your team – desk or non-desk based. Our system is multi-channel so does not require a worker to have our workforce app installed on their smartphone making it perfect for environments with full time employees, full-time contractors, zero hour contracts or part-time. Explore More

Mobile Intranet - Activity Feed

Gives your people a true web and mobile intranet based on a real-time feed of company information through articles and personal notifications which can generate likes and suggestions . Info feed items can contain rich text, video and images as well as attachments. Messages marked as urgent can be also used as a company wide alerting system with critical information also going out via SMS and email to ensure delivery.
Important notifications can also be scheduled, pinned to the top of the app for a period of time and be made visible to teams, departments, or  specific locations. Explore More

Objectives & Reviews

App feature gives workers an easy way to view their yearly, quarterly and monthly objectives and then add notes and update performance progress made against them. Objectives and be manually updated by managers or automatically updated from 3rd party CRM and ERP systems using our API or integrations. Worker objectives can then be reviewed by a manager in their One2One Review and any awards or bonuses can be assigned based on the actual performance of the individual. Explore More


Allows HR Leaders to manage the entire organisation including people, departments, teams and sites. Creating, updating and distributing Organisational Charts can be set to automatic saving valuable time. Built-in GDPR controls allows you to stay on the right side of data protection legislation. Directory enables people to be located on their skill set as well as name or department. Administrators and managers can also see employee engagement and timeline information. Explore More

Critical Alerts

Enables your organisation to have a workforce wide communication system which is seperate to your internal systems and not reliant upon them. This Alert capability is built into the core StaffCircle platform and enables you to communicate with large numbers of people effecively during critical, time sensitive or emergency situations. 2-way messages can be categorised as important or critical and also use multi-channel approach using simultanious SMS, Email and InApp Alerts to ensure delivery to workers and partners even if your other systems are no longer accessible – a vital insurance policy for your internal communications. Explore More

Tasks and Worksheets

Allows you to digitise many paper based forms and complete them as one off or recurring tasks using your smartphone, tablet or pc. Worksheets can be completed easily and can include image upload and digital signatures. Applications for worksheets and tasks are many and varied – check out our scenarios for examples of usage. Expore More

Smart Folders & Documents

Modules allows HR Departments to improve efficiency by reducing the manual overhead of collecting and managing employee information including on-boarding documents and holiday or absence processes. Common document types are automatically recognised and displayed in the in-app reader. Smart Folders can also be assigned a dedicated email address enabling direct push and distribution of documents from paper to digital directly to the app from an IOT device such as a scanner or printer. Explore More

Employee Sentiment

Employee Sentiment gives your workforce a new digital channel to express their feelings at any time. It shows your workers that you care about their feedback and provides a digital version of the happy-or-not systems you see in retail stores. Our AI powered anaytics can start to spot difficult to see trents and give leads new deep insight into their workforce. Explore More

Holidays and Absence

Gives your people an easy way to request and automatically process regular items like holiday requests and sickness notifications. This free’s up your HR and Admin for other tasks.

Training Module

Gives your people an easy to access method of re-training or learning new procedures and skills from their smartphone or iPad. Teaches the YouTube generation in a way they are used to learning. Video content can be easily created and uploaded to the system as a series of modules to create an entire learning course with awards and skills allocation.module enables organisations to digitise their peformance management processes.

Mission & Values

gives your people an easy way to review the company’s mission and values and ensuring the culture is always inline with values. Each value is assigned a #hashtag which can be referenced through the system and when awarding employees kudos points for exemplary work of behaviour.


Our workforce communications platform enhances staff productivity by delivering our communications software via an easy to use employee app. The employee app can be branded for the company and provides access to alerts, tasks, documents, training, scheduling as well as performance management with personal objectives one-2-one reviews all delivered via easy to distribute software.

Deploying StaffCircle in your organisation will drive up employee engagement and productivity as well as creating a consistent flow of communications across your entire workforce.