Urgent Alerts with Multi-Channel Workforce Communications

Urgent Alerts - Workforce Communications Software

Workforce Communications alerting system - an easy way to reach your entire workforce fast

Delivering important, critical or time sensitive alerts to your desk and non-desk based workforce can be challenging especially in distributed work environments where workers do not carry company communication devices. StaffCircle's built in alerting system enables you to reach up to 100% of your workforce with two-way messaging very quickly.

Multi-channel means improved reach using SMS and Email

Unlike most other engagement platforms, StaffCircle's Workforce Communications platform is multi-channel which means messages can reach your workers via SMS (text message), E-Mail or InApp Alerts. So even if workers do not have your employee app installed you can be assured that using StaffCircle, so you can reach up to 100% of the workforce. Also you can offer true 2-way communciation as replies to SMS and EMails are automatically logged in a worker timeline and can trigger alerts and notifcations.

Team, Project or Location based Alerts

Create alerts to go to specific project teams or even workers at specific site locations to ensure relevant message delivery.

Alert Templating and Customisation

Alerts can be formatted through a template which can be pre-setup on the system, ensuring the alerts are formatted correctly on SMS, Email and InApp Alerts.

Drive alerts from 3rd Party Sytstems using our API or Integrations

Alerts can be driven from a 3rd party system using the StaffCircle open API, through our Zapier integration or a 3rd party system integrator.

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Urgent Alerts and Workforce Communications software by StaffCircle is included in our core product. At times of emergency it is an insurance policy you can use to effectively communicate with your workers even if other IT systems and Comms systems have failed. Message Priority means you can use StaffCircle to deliver medium-important alerts and also time sentitive critical alerts using the same system and StaffCircle’s multi-channel capbility will ensure that the message is always delivered and is highly visibile on your workers phones.