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Social Intranet

Enhance collaboration, build relationships and reduce attrition

Build Company Culture From The Core

Social Feeds are an important part of digitising company culture enabling user generated content which can be used for groups, feedback and event customer case studies.

Social feeds via organisation intranets are the support business success, interaction, productivity and collaboration Our intranet and social feed is intelligent and intuitive, delivering user’s news, articles and communications that are more relevant to their role. This in turn keeps users more engaged with their jobs, fellow employees and with the business itself.

Support collaboration, learning and culture with instant staff updates, company news and upcoming roll-outs by sharing instantaneously via an intranet with social feeds. Innovative tools and practices can be easily shared and distributed, and users can have access to content in a faster manner with an intuitive navigation structure. A Q&A capacity can allow for even more effective learning and staying up to speed.

Allow for users to subscribe to public channels within custom feeds, ensuring they are only receiving and engaging in content that is relevant to them. Within social feeds, there is a setting which allows all end users to post to the channel. Within the channel settings, simply select the toggle below to allow this feature. Users can quickly and easily upload articles, posts and images straight from their local device.

The most successful use cases have shown to increase the performance and productivity of employees. Innovative workforces stay engaged and excited about their workplace, as well as more agile and receptive when it comes to organisational change. Personalisation of the system to individual employees can make this even more effective.

Social Intranet Software

Our dynamic, searchable news feed provides users with detailed profiles of all employees as well as business department and location information which can be easily compiled and shared. Access can be tailored to each user in accordance with position and business security.

Collaboration among individuals, work groups and departments across different locations is made much easier and more effective with a social feed. Projects will be completed more efficiently and with a greater sense of staff connection and synergy.

Access documents, reports and analytics based on social activity and interactions. This can be analysed on an individual basis, team level or department.

An intranet with a social feed offers a wealth of key benefits. From smoother business functioning to better communication and collaboration, a more connected workplace is possible.