Five Organisations Who Celebrate Employees Living Core Values on Twitter

Recognising employee successes and celebrating those individuals who live and breathe the company values will positively shape your organisation’s culture.

Your company values should be something that every employee feels are real within your organisation otherwise they amount to little more than a few words in the company handbook.

Below are five examples of organisations doing a great job of celebrating the core values and company successes.

Home Depot

The US home improvement giant provides a great example of a retail company with great core values and employee recognition. They do an amazing job of encouraging their stores to champion their staff in tweets such as this and this.

Discovery Benefits

“The Benny Awards” are the annual awards presented to employees at Discovery Benefits who live and breathe the corporate values. As you can see from the video, the award winners were definitely surprised to receive them.


National Health Service

Low employee engagement within the healthcare industry is costly, in both the monetary sense and in terms of patient outcomes. Yet many healthcare trusts within of the world’s 5th largest employer are doing sterling work when it comes to celebrating their staff and their alignment to the NHS values.



London Golf Club

In another example of an annual award given by a values-driven organisation, London Golf Club champion their team of greenkeepers for being committed to their core values.