Driving employee behaviours using a workforce management platform

A perennial challenge for companies across industries and the world-over is maintaining a positive level of employee engagement. Of course, this poses an ongoing and widely-acknowledged challenge but this achieving engagement can get harder as companies scale. The basic facts don’t lie about how much employee behaviour and engagement levels matter.

Lack of motivation in your employee’s behaviour can lead to a multitude of critical problems, such as:

Costly Turnover
Negative Impact On Internal Culture
Reduction In Productivity
Poor Customer Relations
Recruiting Challenges
Brand Value Depletion
Legal and Safety Risks

These challenges are immense and the repercussions are severe. However, do not dismay, there is good news! Easy-to-access solutions are available. You can help you bridge the gaps that may exist in your current employee behaviours using the power of technology. Workforce management platforms tap into technology to provide the accessibility and constant communication flow that today’s employees crave. Let’s drill down on the key attributes that allow these tools to achieve your organisation’s employee behaviour (and engagement) wins.

3 Ways To Manage Employee Behaviour Through Workplace Management Platforms:

Targeted Communication:
Your team likely resides across a diverse spectrum of working styles in different time zones. Your challenge is to find a way to communicate with all of them efficiently. A comprehensive workforce management platform will allow you to tailor-fit your communication style to your team. From SMS to push notifications via an app to email to a Web-based Intranet, your mode of communication can be tailored to your team. Countless academic studies show a positive correlation between employee behaviour and communication. These results come with an important caveat. Your internal communication has to be on terms that the employee can access and easily understand. The tech tools and flexibility that quality workforce management platforms offer can carve a path toward success. It will ultimately promote employee engagement and productivity.


Consistency + Frequency:

Employee behaviour thrives with consistent tools, training and communication at a frequency that keeps your company’s vision at top of mind. Your workforce management platform can help you send snippets of information, reinforce objectives and keep your team aligned. You’ll gain the engagement effect that your consistent and frequent communication will bring and more. Also, your company will open up avenues for two-way communication and ensure that your compliance and regulatory requirements are met and well-documented.

Visibility + Metrics:

Your workforce management technology can also provide invaluable transparency to what you are doing well with your employees and, of course, those areas where you could use improvement. Many programs designed to drive employee behaviour fail because of a lack of measurement. Understanding what types of employee initiatives work (and don’t) as well as gaining key insights directly from employees can be the secret sauce to success.

Let’s face it recruiting, hiring, on-boarding and training new employees are costly activities. Assuming your organisation has this area of the business working like a finely-tuned instrument, your focus should be what happens next. Nurturing the right employee behaviours from day one is easier than ever with the use of workforce management platforms designed with the needs of today’s company in mind.

StaffCircle offers the technology to move the needle toward positive and productive employee behaviour in the form of a comprehensive and easy-to-use workforce management suite that fits your business needs. Your employees can tap into the power of our tool via smartphone, tablet or PC – making your connection to your team stronger and more effective. StaffCircle offers a place where communications and productivity become optimised to help your team feel empowered and engaged – the ultimate win-win!

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