Ditch Excel for a Performance Appraisal Tool That Works

If you are still using your Microsoft Office Suite as the main tool to help you administer and track performance appraisals with your employees, you are doing your organisation a disservice. The problems with using the wrong tools and administering Manager’s One2Ones incorrectly are far-reaching with profound implications for your company’s employee relations. In fact and so much so, that many businesses are choosing to do away with appraisals altogether. The reasons for the trend are clear, but it may be a classic case of throwing the baby out with the bathwater.  The truly innovative enterprises are not throwing the Manager’s One2One out but rather changing things up to make them effective.

Open communication is essential to success

Let’s face it; employees don’t always have as many communication opportunities as we think they do. Just by knowing that there is a chance to communicate every quarter, every month or bi-annually, employees will feel more valued, more empowered and more important to the organisation as a whole. The numbers don’t lie as Gallop recently reported actively disengaged employees cost their employers $3,400 for every $10,000 of their salaries (34 per cent). Communication is the key to keeping these very same employees engaged.

The big picture stuff can get lost in the minutia of day-to-day tasks

Chances to drill down on the company’s big picture, in today’s fast-paced workplace, can be few and far between. In fact, a recent Gallop survey reported that only 40% of employees feel connected to their company’s vision. Your employees that are out on the front lines are often left out of the vision meetings that managers regularly attend. Using the routine Manager’s One2One as an opportunity to reinforce the overall vision of the company.

Gaps, weakness and strengths should always be identified

The only way to improve upon your team members’ gaps in skills or resources is to identify. Likewise, the only way to reward, encourage and promote those displaying strengths is to notice when it happens! Your routine appraisal meeting will be the chance for analysis of these key areas.


3 Reasons The Right Performance Management Tool Should Replace Excel ASAP

Ease of use – We can all conjure up the cumbersome appraisal that requires jumping through hoops, production of numbers and reports and lacks congruency with reality A solid performance management tool is easy to use, consistent with real-world tasks and eliminates the negative stigma of the cumbersome appraisal reports.

Uniform results – Using Word and Excel to facilitate Manager’s One2One has many limitations. One key shortfall is a lack of uniformity across departments. Being able to roll up information and compare across the organization is where real insight is gained. Your performance management tool is to provide visual analytics at a high level to help you take a 360-degree view of your organisation.

Streamlining the process – In today’s workplace, the place can be remote, on the road or spread out in a variety of ways. Your performance management tool allows your team to easily access their appraisal tool from desktop, laptop, tablet and, of course, mobile.

Performance appraisals of the past have equaled drudgery for both managers and employees, but if they are thought through correctly, this stigma can be overcome, making way for motivated, well-rewarded teams that understand what their overarching goals are.

StaffCircle’s comprehensive and easy to use can be the perfect solution to your appraisal challenges. Our powerful technology can positively impact your performance review process through:

  • Increased efficiencies by streamlining the Review and Appraisal Process
  • Improved achievement and performance with powerful goal-setting tools
  • Create pathways for leaders to incentivize, reward and improve desired behaviour practices at scale
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