Practical uses for Artificial Intelligence in the UK workplace


AI provides the potential to advance internal workforce optimisation for many organisations.

Used as part of a process or workflow, AI can be used to create seamless routing between human interaction interfaces such as SMS/Text/Email or Voice, then select the relevant workflow and pass the gathered data through using natural language processing. We already use intelligent phone systems to route customers to the correct department or team so why not use AI to route the employee’s request to the correct workflow?

Many conversations in the press seem to frame AI as a totally insular entity rather than as part of an overall system. We all know that AI will quickly become an important part of our future but how can AI be leveraged in today’s enterprise to create a competitive advantage, or deployed in today’s organisations to reduce costs or increase engagement?

Weaving AI into your Organisation

As an internal communications and workforce automation provider, we believe that AI has many practical uses in today’s organisations, but this usefulness should be exploited as part of an overall system design, not in isolation. By interfacing AI with the common communication systems such as SMS, Email and Voice, we have the capability to give workers a natural user interface to interact with their company – at scale.

It’s a win-win since the company’s back-office admins and team managers are continually stretched, AI-powered workflow can free them up from the drudge of manual paperwork and give people a better work experience. Automation not only improves overall productivity it also increases the reliability of the process data by using software to handle the entire interaction.


A Practical Example of Workforce AI

We all know that everyone calls in sick at some point and usually this simple but frequently used process involves numerous people and processes. However, this implemented as an automated workflow can give workers a frictionless way to report sickness and remove manual processes.

An Engaging Idea

AI can also be used to improve engagement within distributed non-office based workforces, by leveraging analytics and employee timeline data AI can automatically engage with workers on your behalf, initiating conversations and handing over to a human when the time is right. This allows large scale employee engagement without large numbers of people to drive it. What’s more, driving this engagement using traditional communication channels like SMS and Email means that every employee or contractor can be engaged even if they haven’t installed the employment app which is important if you want to drive engagement levels to the maximum.

Companies can also benefit from AI’s ability to identify patterns and trends in worker sentiment and productivity to give leaders better insights and an early warning system when issues need to be addressed.  Together with analytics AI can be used to give better visibility of team progression within the organisation and provide pointers where improvements are recommended.