4 Ways Visualisation Helps You Shred OKRs & Win At Performance Management

The use of OKRs is no longer saved for the Silicon Valley set. In case you missed it, OKR (Objectives and Key Results) is a tool that helps to create alignment and engagement around goals that are, most importantly, measurable. OKR rose to a fever pitch in popularity as heavy hitters such as Google, Linkedin and Airbnb instituted the performance management framework into their operations. As companies both large and small begin to implement the OKR framework into their performance management toolkit, many savvy organisations are drilling down on the benefits of visualising performance.

Real-time updates.

Visualisation performance management tools help you and your team access real-time updates as they strive toward their OKRs. Transparency and insights are easier to digest in a visually-appealing format. For your OKR framework to be effective, it will need to do away with the static, annual process and tap into shorter cycles that are easy to digest in real-time dashboards. By keeping your view of data in real-time, you and your team will be able to keep the finger on the pulse of their efforts.

Simple, intuitive style.

When motivating your team to adopt the OKR structure (buy-in) and actually use the system as a tool that helps them succeed (execute), it has to be easy to use and intuitive. The minute it gets too complicated to navigate or understand, you’ve lost your audience. Using a tool that can help your team gain insight into their OKRs is a good start toward success but not all platforms are created equal. Look for a performance management tool that offers mobile access, dashboards that offers insights across teams, customization options and sync opportunities with third-party platforms.

Responsive, not set in stone.

Across the board and across industries, fast-paced change is the new norm. Some industries ebb and flow at a faster clip than others, but the static, set-it-and-forget model is no longer a feasible option especially for businesses who have adopted the OKR performance management system. The traditional performance management system that revisits in long intervals often loses its relevance in the fast-paced landscape that most businesses face. The ability for your team to gain insights and pivot toward successes and adjust away from failures can create the competitive advantage needed to succeed. The key to your successful OKR initiative is to always know how you, your team and your company is doing.


Objective objectives.

When employees stay engaged with their visual performance management tool, they have a better guide to both short and long term progress. For example, if companies are focused only on quarterly, semi-annual or annual OKRs without insights into short term progress, they might miss important strides that are made and only see high-level shortcomings or vice versa.  The effects of recency bias are removed and a truly objective assessment is possible.

For companies who want to succeed with their OKR methodology, the “set-it-and-forget-it” strategy is doomed to fail. Too often companies set goals that quickly become irrelevant and detached from the real work that is undertaken day-to-day. If goals are too lofty, too hard to follow or lack true insights, they’ll be dismissed as just another corporate task that has nothing to do with day-to-day operations.

StaffCircle offers a performance management platform that sets your team up to succeed. Use the StaffCircle tool to:

  • Allow everyone in the company to have their own objectives dashboard
  • Create an easy, quick and consistent review process across the business using either web or mobile.
  • Launch a leader board that shows who is meeting their goals
  • Give employees visibility and promote departmental objectives
  • Much more!

If you have already adopted the OKR methodology or are considering implementing it in the near future, make sure you give your team a visual tool to help optimize your results. StaffCircle offers a comprehensive yet easy-to-use solution to support your goals.

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