Personal Development Reviews

Drive performance with employee-centric development reviews

Empower every employee to understand their own development with insight-driven, collaborative development reviews. Managers can keep progress front of mind, creating robust teams with evolving skill sets.

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OKR performance objectives help to align goals


Make development part of daily activity with real-time tracking and updates

Increase the power of OKRs with StaffCircle’s One2Ones, Competencies & Reviews


Use measurable data to identify development objectives and achievements

Inspire your team with crystal clear goals & growth


Realize your workforce potential to enhance performance and growth


Keep development front-of-mind for employees, managers, and leadership

Empower every employee to understand their own development opportunities

Identify development areas ahead of the curve to retain your top talent


Seamlessly blend development into daily activity

Development doesn’t have to be a box-checking exercise. Annual meetings and timestamped decisions are a thing of the past. Maintain development discussions as part of everyday work activities to build success.


Proven performance development plans

Save time and increase effectiveness with StaffCircle’s proven performance development plan templates. We know the drivers behind progression and have condensed them into powerful templates. Want to dig deeper? Or have unique growth areas? Every aspect of the plans is customizable to suit your team.

Personal development dashboard

Evaluate current state, goals, and future plans in one place

Don’t lose track of progression. Each performance plan encompasses highlighted development areas, current and future role prospects, and objective progress. Employees, managers, and leaders can get real-time updates on development in one simple dashboard.

Objective linking

Linked activities strengthen development evidencing

Don’t rely on a single check-in to assess development. To understand growth, use rich, real-time data gathered from one2one check-in notes, colleague feedback, and awards. Build a detailed picture of how each employee affects performance, built on actionable, insightful data.

Development insights

Powerful insights that drive better decision making

Access powerful insights to identify strong performers, areas of concern, and engagement. Make data-driven decisions about the development of your team and improve succession planning processes.


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