Tasks & Worksheets

Prioritise, delegate, track progress and keep on top of important activities

Keeping on top of to do’s can be tricky. This is exactly why we developed the slick ‘Tasks & Worksheets’ feature. From risk assessments to workstation checks, this way you and your team can easily prioritise and delegate tasks, ensuring that nothing gets missed again.

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Keeping on top of to do's can be tricky. This is exactly why we developed the slick 'Tasks & Worksheets' feature.

Keep tabs on your to-do’s

OKR performance objectives help to align goals

Create a task

From submitting DBS forms to sanitary checks you decide on the action

Increase the power of OKRs with StaffCircle’s One2Ones, Competencies & Reviews

Allocate users

Select a specific user or create a task group with multiple users

Inspire your team with crystal clear goals & growth

Update easily

Comment or complete depending on your progress

Your assistant who remembers everything

Single or Group

Update Notifications

Overdue Reminders

Recurring Tasks


Assignee Selection

Work on individual tasks or collaborate as a group

Assign a task or action to be completed to a single user or a group of users. Alternatively, allocate a task to a whole group that one individual can just pick up.

Priority Settings

Complete the most impactful tasks first

StaffCircle lets managers prioritize tasks and actions for users, allowing them to focus on what matters most and order their to-do’s in line with the level of importance.


Set a task to recur on a regular basis, without having to worry about creating it over and over again

This handy little feature allows you to auto-create flexible intervals for your recurring tasks, so they’ll only be created once the current task is completed.


Stay up-to-date and involved in every aspect of the task at hand

Notifications help keep things running smoothly by letting recipients and task managers know when a completed worksheet has been received when a task is overdue, or when comments are made on the task


Match even the most unique of tasks & easily set up templates that are tailored to your specific needs

As part of a task, a worksheet is a customizable template with drag and drop fields. The ad-hoc worksheet creation option allows Task Group members to create and complete a worksheet even without being assigned a task.

Digital Sign Off

Streamline your compliance process with e-signatures, all the information there in black & white

With this useful tool, you can request signatures from users as part of worksheet completion. This eliminates the need for paper forms and makes it easy to keep track of who has signed off on what. No more ambiguity or missed paperwork.


Produce great reports for when you are offline

Quickly and easily download the results of a worksheet into a PDF or CSV file. This is a great tool for anyone who needs to save their data in a more permanent format, or who needs to share the information with others.

Experience how it could work specifically for your business

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