Employee Skills & Competencies

Your secret weapon for both employee and business growth

Cluster employee skills according to job types, measure your existing skill repository, and upskill & develop your people in the strategic direction you want to go

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Employee Skills & Development - Your secret weapon for both employee and business growth

How it works


Audit your skills needs and create an inventory


Spotlights skills gaps to make ‘build or buy’ decisions


Create progression opportunities & improve career outcomes

Be the employer everyone wants to work for

Skill Levels

Skills Catalogue

Skill Gaps

Skills Analytics


Skills Library

Make better decisions for your business, from recruitment to project staffing

Move away from spreadsheets, complex succession planning paperwork, and third-party consultants. Staffcircle lets you create a digital, searchable skills database that gives you an instant strategic overview.

Skill Levels

Develop your team by easily understanding someone’s abilities and level of proficiency in real-time

Evaluate skill levels and the level of experience specific to your employees and their job role. Our easy to interpret graphics let you see someone’s level of expertise at a glance.

Skill Maps

From projects to workforce composition: never be caught off-guard by skill shortages again

Organize your team effortlessly and identify skill sets based on project requirements. With skill maps, you can easily and efficiently map out your team’s skill set and identify skill gaps so you’re always prepared for whatever comes your way.

Skills Objectives

Identify areas where training is needed

Create personalized learning paths that are aligned with your organizational goals and track progress towards learning new skills. By tracking employee skills and abilities over time, you can identify areas of potential improvement and target specific training and development requirements.

Skills Matrix

Turn your competency data into a visual overview of skills and build the most qualified and skilled team

Our skills matrix lets you understand available knowledge in the company, identify gaps, and see which employees have mastered targeted skills.

Skills Reports

Get the visibility you need to know where you can grow the business to

Tap into real-time skills data for auditing, learning and development, workforce planning, and workforce scheduling. All from a single source of truth.

Experience how it could work specifically for your business

Watch how The Green Organic Dutchman saved $60,000 with StaffCircle

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