Employee Analytics

Capitalize on all your data with Employee Analytics & Reports

Maximize worker productivity with your new Employee Analytics and make confident decisions by turning your static employee information into dynamic actionable insights with state-of-the-art reporting capabilities. Even when you are on the go.

Maximise worker productivity with your new HR Analytics Software and make confident decisions

Give everyone a voice through data

OKR performance objectives help to align goals


Interpret thousands of employee data points at a click

Increase the power of OKRs with StaffCircle’s One2Ones, Competencies & Reviews

Get insights on worker experience

Surface critical information at every stage of the employee life cycle

Inspire your team with crystal clear goals & growth


Leverage HR data to inform business & workforce decisions

HR Technology with embedded analytics

People Analytics Reports

Performance Information

Engagement reports & stats

Insights related to HR Processes

Predictive Insights

People Analytics

Measure & analyze to understand and optimize

With the help of HR Analytics Software turn HR data on your employees’ demographic, performance, job history, compensation, training, wellness, and team relationships into useful information that enables predictive insights for enhanced decision making.

Performance Data Insights

Make smarter, more empathetic decisions about, and for your talent

Visualize at a glance and identify KPI success, high performers, and those who need support with our HR Analytics Software’s intelligent dashboards, and employee performance heat map. See which reviews were completed and what is outstanding in real-time and take your talent management to the next level.

Engagement Stats & Reports

Uncover your culture blind spots

Connect and link performance and engagement data and uncover trends. StaffCircle’s dashboards give you actionable insights and the power to see what activities drive employee engagement and influence your culture and business outcomes.

Progression & Skills Analytics

Understand your workforce composition

See the skills repository within your business in a single report, measure how skills change over time, and let your HR analytics software drive informed predictions about the future of your industry that result in a competitive edge.

Employee Experience Intelligence

Gain real-time insights into how your workforce feels & thinks

Understand your employee experience quantitatively through analyzing available HR data from active surveys such as engagement, pulse, or eNPs. Go beyond listening datasets by running stats and trends on engagement with company content and discussions.

Mobile Reports

Sophisticated reports and all the data in a matter of clicks even when you’re on the go

Need numbers for an unexpected request or meeting with your business leaders? Once logged into our cloud-based platform, all these powerful analytical tools are right at hand in your HR Analytics Software, waiting right below your fingertips.

Customizable Reports & Access Rights

Make better judgment calls that are rooted in key metrics of your workforce – no more guesswork!

Whether it is org charts, time off, payroll and salary overview, new starters or movers, and even skills gaps, StaffCircle has a library of sleek reports built into the software. Run these with just a few clicks or customize and build to suit your specific needs.

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