Personal Development & Skills

Promote professional growth with development objectives & skills

Categorize, assess, manage, and improve skills at work. Base decisions around who you hire, how you pay, who you promote, and how you organize your company on the fundamental building blocks of skills

NOTE: These features require activation of the HR Operations module

Promote professional growth with development objectives & skills

Grow employees in a way that helps your business grow

OKR performance objectives help to align goals


Where are they now?

Increase the power of OKRs with StaffCircle’s One2Ones, Competencies & Reviews


Where do they want to get to?

Inspire your team with crystal clear goals & growth


How will they get there?

Explore progression opportunities


Skills Gaps

Succession Planning



Skill Levels

Reduce recruitment costs, speed up employee productivity and retain your top talent

Match candidate skills against skill requirements identified, and make the best possible hiring decisions. New employees are immediately included in the employee skills catalog, making it easy to recommend personalized learning & mentoring opportunities. And if you’re looking to develop your existing workforce, setting skill levels helps to identify employees who are ready for a promotion or who need additional training to progress further.

Skill Maps

Grow your employees into higher-level roles and future proof your company’s long-term skills needs

Determine which skills are currently present within your teams and work towards a future ‘skills-target’, growing your employees into higher-level roles. With Skills Map, it’s easy to see which skills currently reside within your organization, so you can make informed ‘build or buy’ skill decisions and learning investments.

Skills Catalogue

Leverage internal talent to maximize benefit and staff your projects in the most effective way

StaffCircle lets you search users based on the skills they hold, enabling managers to connect employees who have required skill-sets and expertise for certain projects. Spot and source talent with existing corporate knowledge internally.

Skills Analytics

Discover, measure, and close skills gaps fast

The dashboard provides an overview of each user’s skill levels, so you can quickly see if their skills match those of their role. If they don’t, you’ll know where to focus your training efforts. And with extra skills identified for each user, you can easily pinpoint who might be ready for a promotion.

People Skill Level Average

Find out the average levels of skill presence across your business

Get a comprehensive overview of where your company’s skills, strengths, and weaknesses are. Our software works out the company-level average for each skill that matters to you.

Manage Mandatory Requirements

Track skills, competencies, qualifications, and certification renewals

If you identify an area for development link it to an objective to strengthen it and grow. Create tie frames and set up notifications to ensure that important dates aren’t missed.

Development Objectives

Set your team up for success and keep KPIs on track by linking skills to objectives

You can help employees develop their skills and advance their careers by assigning skills to specific individual, departmental, or company-level goals.

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