Tools for Recruitment Sector

Engage employees and share information

Communicate with all or part of your workforce, employees, candidates, contractors or teams working on a specific projects or interviewing for roles. Send messages like insurance renewal forms, interview confirmation or information about their prospective employer or upcoming interview.

Digital centralized mobile intranet

Worksheets, the digital equivalent of your paper based forms and can be assigned to workers as tasks or projects for customers to sign off on placement, ad-hoc as on-boarding, Health & Safety or Incident forms. Our mobile intranet also provides Smart documents, alerts and directory.

Video Training

Allows your new starts or contractors to get up to speed quickly by accessing training videos more easily using their own smartphones or company iPads or Laptops. How-to video guides for sales and customer service can be created and uploaded easily using the StaffCircle platform.

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2018 - Workforce Productivity Report

The Secret to increasing Workforce Performance through great Objectives Management