Paperless Performance Management

Your performance management made paperless

Go paper-free in 2024 to automate processes, eliminate paperwork and support ESG goals.

Taking the paper out of performance management processes

Drowning in countless sheets of paper?

Each employee uses 1,000 sheets of paper per year in their performance management process.

Environmentally friendly performance reviews

For every 10 employees, you can save 1 tree which in turn produces 10,000 sheets of paper.

Empower employees, nurture the planet

4,000 trees saved by our customers switching to paperless performance managment processes.

We’re on a mission to save 100 million sheets of paper in 2024

7,000 trees in 2024

Current tree total: – Last updated

We estimate that in 2024, new StaffCircle customers will save almost 4,000 trees by switching to our paperless performance management platform. Not only that but for every tree you save, we’ll match it.

Why go paperless in 2024?

StaffCircle’s performance management software automates and improves your existing performance processes. A range of best-practice tools enable you to improve engagement, drive productivity and capture real-time insights – without the need for paper.


Access clear and aligned feedback, goals, and growth opportunities in one central place.


Minimise performance admin, stop working from spreadsheets and focus on creating strategies.


Attract and retain top employees that values match your business sustainability goals.


Accessible data and insights thanks to digital processes.

StaffCircle has definitely streamlined the appraisal process which used to be done on paper.

The best bit about StaffCircle is how much it saves us spending time passing around sheets of paper.

The reviews and objective setting platform has been a game changer. No more paper, and clear recorded objectives.

Supporting you to go paperless

Wondering how to go paperless with your performance management? We’ve got you covered with helpful blogs, downloadable guides and more.

The startling cost of paper-based performance management

The amount of paper used in performance management is startling. We did the maths, and we think there’s a better way.

Performance management has gone paperless, and businesses are reaping the rewards.

Free paperless appraisal template and process

Download our free appraisal template and discover how to master paperless performance management in 2024.

Access an actionable template and proven process to minimise paper and support ESG initiatives.

Go paperless in 2024 with StaffCircle

Speak to one of our experts to start your journey to better performance, compliance and employee retention.

StaffCircle supports high-performing businesses to master paperless

Mark Seemann
Founder & CEO

Paperless performance management:
Our 2024 mission

“We understand the importance of ESG policies. We’re committed to sustaining the planet internally by championing paperless performance within StaffCircle.

With the support of our customers, we will plant 7,000 trees, which will save 100 million sheets of paper in 2024. Some of the team are even climbing Mount Snowdon on Earth Day to raise extra money to plant more trees!”