The startling cost of paper-based performance management

Performance management has never been more important. And HR leaders are struggling to keep up.

69% manually input employee performance data into spreadsheets, paper-based documents or siloed tools. It creates a clunky performance process. Time time-consuming, unengaging and often inaccurate.

Not to mention the impact that excess paper usage has on the environment.

There’s a better way.

The startling cost of paper-based performance management

Paperless performance management processes are key for 2024.

StaffCircle supports your paperless process with dedicated digital performance management tools.

And our customers benefit from making the switch to paperless.

The majority now spend less than two days per month on performance management admin. Their teams are engaged, high-performing and focused on development.

Ready to discover paperless performance management?

How much paper is used in performance management?

The amount of paper used in performance management is startling.

We did the maths.

Every year, each employee’s performance management process requires over 1,000 sheets of paper.

Let’s put that in context.

The average tree creates about 10,000 sheets of paper in total.

So for every 10 employees at your organisation, you’re using the paper resource of one tree.

Got 500 employees? That’s 50 trees per year, just to track performance.

We think there’s a better way.

StaffCircle to save 100 milllion sheets of paper in 2024

StaffCircle’s mission in 2024

StaffCircle’s paperless performance management platform will save 100 million sheets of paper in 2024.


  • 4,000 trees saved by our customers switching to paperless processes
  • We’ll match their commitment, planting an additional 4,000 trees
  • Embedding internal paperless processes and challenges to plant an additional 2,000 trees

We estimate that in 2024, new StaffCircle customers will save almost 4,000 trees by switching to our paperless performance management platform.

And we’re going to match it.

This year, we’ll plant an additional tree for every 10 employees at new customer organisations.

1,000 employees in your team? You’ll save 100 trees worth of paper by joining StaffCircle.

Plus, we’ll plant a further 100 trees on your behalf.

That’s the equivalent of 2 million sheets of paper, saved by your organisation, per year.

And that’s not all.

  • For every business that has a demo of the StaffCircle platform, we’ll plant 10 trees
  • For every 10 downloads of our upcoming paperless process eBook, we’ll plant a tree
  • For everyone who attends an upcoming paperless webinar, we’ll plant a tree

We’re rewarding existing customers too, with trees planted for customer platform upgrades and training sessions booked.

And our team are getting involved in raising money to plant trees. We’ve got internal targets based on product releases, monthly ESG awards and a huge challenge to climb Snowdon on Earth Day 2024.

StaffCircle to save 100 milllion sheets of paper in 2024

What does paperless performance management mean?

The performance management process is a huge contributor to paper usage in every business.

Traditionally a heavily paper-based process, employees and managers spend hours each year filling out forms, assessing objectives and printing reports.

Then leadership spend further hours collating and analysing the results.

Finally, it’s down to HR to store vast amounts of documents.

There’s a better way.

StaffCircle’s digital platform automates the entire performance management process.

Our central performance solution allows you to drive performance management with best-practice automated processes, backed with dedicated engagement and development tools.

Plus, StaffCircle automatically gathers real-time, insightful employee data for simpler reporting.

Performance management has gone paperless, and businesses are reaping the rewards.

Why go paperless in 2024?

We believe that paperless performance management is a key approach for 2024.

It’s a process that benefits your employees, managers, HR team and leadership alike.

Plus, it’s better for the environment!

  • ESG: front of mind for HR leaders across the globe, ESG strategies are central to many plans for 2024. Embedding a paperless performance management platform allows you to create an environmentally sustainable performance process.
  • Less admin: A frequent top spot on the HR headache list, piles of admin and paperwork is a common frustration, no matter the industry. Paperless performance management streamlines your process, reducing manual data entry, hand written forms and saving HR teams hours.
  • Better accuracy: A centralised, digital performance management platform brings all your data together for a holistic overview. Understand your workforce like never before, with real-time insights on performance and customisable reports and dashboards.
  • Improved performance: Paperless performance management allows you to better support every employee and their individual needs. Bridge the generation gap with digital processes that can be accessed by all, no matter where or how they work.
StaffCircle the paperless performance management platform

How to reduce paper in your performance management process

Going paperless might seem like a daunting task.

How do you remove paper from such an essential process as performance management?

Without support, you risk frustrating your employees, losing visibility of achievements and spending more time playing catch up.

But support is available.

StaffCircle’s paperless performance management platform does the hard work for you.

  • Digital performance practices embed best-practice behaviour
  • Intelligent tools engage your team and help them grow
  • Real-time insights let you analyse workforce performance, without the paper

Backed by a world-class team of performance management experts, a dedicated Success Manager and access to personalised training.

StaffCircle makes paperless performance management achievable.

Paperless appraisal processes improve visibility

Appraisals, reviews & check-ins

Sheets of paper per employee, per year: 138

If you’re on board with best-practice performance management processes, you’ll know that a once-per-year annual appraisal isn’t enough in 2024.

Employees need frequent feedback in order to understand their performance, improve and grow. Only teams that embed regular, structured performance feedback can succeed.

But frequent check-ins often lead to more paper. If you’re using the recommended frequency of fortnightly reviews, you’ll create masses of paper that need to be completed, logged and stored.

Paperless appraisal processes improve visibility

Switching to automated review and appraisal software allows you to take paper out of performance tracking.

StaffCircle’s performance management platform creates automated dashboards, reports and insights from your entire appraisal process.

Every interaction, every piece of feedback, tracked, collated and displayed.

A full performance overview, at your fingertips.

Paperless development tools for employee-centric growth

Learning and development activities

Sheets of paper per employee, per year: 112

Supporting employee development is a key performance management trend for 2024.

But traditional development processes require mountains of paperwork.

Development plans, training schedules and learning reviews each require printed documentation.

Documents that are completed, copied, distributed then filed away.

However, no two employee’s development path is the same. So why are we still using standardised growth plans?

Tick-box development isn’t good enough in 2024. Paperless performance management solutions are the answer.

Paperless development tools create employee-centric growth

Going paperless lets you craft individualised development plans for every employee.

Move away from templated responses, and crafting unique goals and objectives.

The result? Clear, achievable growth plans.

Driven by, and accessible to, every employee.

Employees are voting with their feet and choose to stay with companies that focus on their growth.

StaffCircle customers seeing up to 74% better engagement. And their retention rates are boosted.

Switching to paperless performance and development tools can help you prevent 1 in 3 exit interviews.

Paperless employee communications

Employee wellbeing and communications

Sheets of paper per employee, per year: 308

Employee engagement is a key part of an effective performance management strategy.

But frequent communications require a high volume of paper.

Keeping everyone up to date with monthly newsletters alone creates over 100 pieces of paper, per employee, per year. Traditional paper newsletters can be seen as an inclusive ‘hand-delivered’ engagement tool, but are often tossed aside, left on desks or quickly recycled.

Keeping employees engaged with important processes such as wellbeing checks and eNPS forms require a mountain of paper regularly handed to your team.

The risk of non-completion or manual data entry error is counterproductive to the results you analyse.

By the time you’ve distributed, collected, collated and analysed the results, it’s often time to start the whole process again.

No time for strategy. No time for improvements. Just another tick-box exercise.

Paperless performance management drives better engagement

What’s the solution?

Automated, digital employee engagement, woven into your performance management process.

Intelligently scheduled and distributed to your team, with responses and scores collated in easy-to-digest dashboards.

StaffCircle gives you the ability to understand your workforce sentiment, at a glance.

Reduce performance management admin

HR admin

Sheets of paper per employee, per year: 52

The amount of admin involved in HR is staggering.

And the majority of it? Paper-based.

Thousands of files stored on-site. Fire-proof cabinets, hard copies and towers of paper balanced precariously on the edge of your desk.

It’s the same for performance management admin.

In fact, 69% of HR leaders manually input employee data into spreadsheets, siloed platforms or paperwork.

Making sure employees are up to date on contracts, processes and procedures that need hard-copy paperwork.

Signatures required to prove compliance and agreement.

The time spent dealing with paperwork is astonishing.

Reduce performance management paperwork with StaffCircle

Stop relying on manual, paper-based admin processes.

StaffCircle’s performance tools? Enable self-serve document reviewing, integrations with Signable to track compliance, and at-a-glance dashboards.

Automating high-admin processes reduces paperwork. And saves you time.

Time that you can spend being transformational, focusing on strategy.

Accurate performance reporting with paperless processes

Employee performance reporting

Sheets of paper per employee, per year: 432

It’s a fact. Paper-based performance management reporting is tedious, time-consuming and document-heavy.

Tracking goals and objectives using paper creates piles of paperwork.

None of it centralised, and liable to bias and inaccuracy. Only 48% of HR leaders are confident in the accuracy of performance data.

And communicating these reports to senior leadership, your board or investors creates thousands of pieces of paper per year.

Monthly board packs, performance leadership tables, target and objective completions.

All provided in multi-page documents that take days to prepare.

Accurate performance reporting with paperless processes

Leaders using StaffCircle are confident in the accuracy of performance data.

93% of them agree that the data is reliable as it’s gathered in real time.

The centralised dashboards and reports allow you to compare and analyse performance, at a glance.

No need for paperwork. No need for spreadsheets.

With StaffCircle, you can create the performance reports you need with live data.

All gathered automatically, based on day to day employee actions.

StaffCircle the paperless performance management platform

StaffCircle: the paperless performance management solution

StaffCircle’s digital platform automates the entire performance management process.

It’s the only platform that lets you drive performance management with digital processes, backed with dedicated engagement and development tools.

The best part? The platform automatically gathers real-time, insightful employee data.

Discover the power of paperless performance management in 2024.

Demo StaffCircle’s paperless platform. We’ll kick off your move to paperless by planting 10 trees!