52 years experience building enterprise software

Mark Seemann
Founder & Ceo

Product Creator and Software Entrepreneur. Founder & CEO of 3 SaaS businesses worth £35m+ during the last 20 years.
Expert in Communications technology, CRM, Business Workflow and the creator of 2 VoIP patents. Passionate about improving communications, productivity and capability in the workforce and giving employees the tools to succeed in their work.
Mark’s responsibilities include the business direction and strategy of StaffCircle.

Brian Merton
Head of Architecture

Coming from being Platform Architect of the Atlas platform for Citation as well as mobile banking software, expert in complex platform design, Brian’s responsibility is the architecture and design of the StaffCircle platform as well as running the development team.

Neil Merton
Head of Ux & Design

Previously UX and Front-end Lead of the Atlas platform for Citation and an expert in mobile and web application design, user sentiment and engagement. Neil’s responsibility is to ensure the StaffCircle platform is intuitive, easy to use but also extendable and customizable.

Luke Miles
Platform Lead

As a senior back-end developer and team leader, Luke has always strived to develop incredible software. Now responsible for back-end and API implementation ensuring StaffCircle has world-class scalability and reliability.