Health & Safety Management

Tasks and WorksheetsApp

allows Health and Safety communications, tasks and forms to be digitised through the platform and this gives a number of advantages:

  • Easy entry of data via smartphone, tablet or PC
  • Link worksheets to recurring tasks to ensure compliance.
  • No scanning forms required because data is already in a digital format
  • Automate and trigger workflows based on form data.
  • Alert Manager of non-completion of tasks.
  • Tasks can be one off or recurring with group or individual assignment



Daily H+S Sheets, Accident forms, Statement of compliance, vehicle checks, insurance renewals, fire practice, first-aid training

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Health and Safety scenarios and processes can be challenging and time consuming for organisations and their employees. Good Communications and Employee Engagement are key and having the right software or digital system is important.

StaffCircle offers customers full access to structured communications powered by a resilient clustered database and workflow engine. This is capable of delivering digital worksheets, emergency multi-channel alerts and surveys to employees on all devices including PC, Laptop, Tablet and Mobile.

Workforce Communications within StaffCircle enables HR to automate sending messages and content to workers using a multi-channel approach:-SMS, email and App Alerts.