Engage, Empower and Enhance your workforce with StaffCircle

Today our company is proud to announce the release of StaffCircle, an Employee Communications and Workforce Automation Platform. A platform literally years in the making! A culmination of my 20 years experience in founding and growing a number of high-performance businesses and our team’s 52 years experience in building enterprise software.

During this article, as CEO and Founder of StaffCircle, I seek to explain why we created the platform,  what problems it solves and the new capabilities and insights that can now be delivered to employees and businesses leaders worldwide.

It’s no secret that over the last decade there has been a fundamental shift in the way we work, how and where we work and the duration of that tenure. In a period of mass employment, organisations need new insights to effectively manage, engage and enhance their distributed workforce whilst being flexible enough to serve their full-time office and home workers, senior managers, line managers and team leaders, part-time employees and full-time or zero-hour contractors. Companies need to retain complete visibility of workers giving them a voice to ensure fairness and propriety and enabling employees to access the information required to excel at their work.

A parallel exists in sales organisations. 15 years ago, most sales teams around the world managed their business pipeline and general workflow using a mixture of email, word documents, spreadsheets and maybe an access database. These generalist applications were used because there wasn’t any specific application for the purpose of salesforce automation. Then as the sales and service processes became even more complex the spreadsheets no longer cut the mustard. CRM systems came along and changed the way we all managed leads, deal pipelines, customers and associated workflows. Our sales managers now look at graphical web dashboards to show performance trends and forecasts. Cloud-based CRMs gave companies flexibility and mobility in the way the application was deployed. Also, CRM has helped businesses enormously because of the extendibility of the platforms via their app stores since you can plug other functionality into the CRM system to help with other parts of the processes like marketing systems, web chat, electronic Contracts and so forth.


Now, look at people management, especially in non-desk-based environments. It’s a role split across many parts of the organisation; the HR department, the internal communications team, the line managers, team leaders, department leads and the employees themselves. Where is the system that helps coordinate these people helping to engage, empower and enhance our employees and their teams?

Mostly its disparate non-linked applications, spreadsheets or basic HR for time management, word/google docs for one2one reviews, PowerPoint (for org charts) a bit of slack or skype for chat, survey monkey for feedback, possibility an LMS (learning system) and maybe an improvements portal for collecting ideas. How many of these systems are connected to give a complete picture of the person or complete automated workflow. How many of these systems can be accessed by 100% of the workforce from any location on any device?

The maturing of cloud technology and the proliferation of smartphones found in almost every person’s pocket hints at a solution.

We believe that people at work need to deliver and receive communication in the most efficient way possible, at any time in any location on any device. It’s not just about communications it’s about the relevance and value of that communication. It’s not just about training or rewards that drive behaviours it’s the full picture of work – a timeline of all our activities. Because our productivity output is the culmination of all we do, the tasks we completed, our communication, our achievements, the training we completed,  colleagues we helped, suggestions we gave, the feedback we received, improvements we made.

For this to happen there needs to be a new type of work platform that sits directly with the employee but links to the ATS, marketing and communications systems, the HR-Payroll Platform and the CRM that joins these systems together to offer better communication and information to employees and meaningful analytics and workflow automation to management.

The Bottom line is that in order for management to get a true picture of an employee you need to see their full engagement not just their last one 2 one review or anecdotal information.

Only when you can see the big picture can you understand the person and make decisions based on real insights using multiple interlinked data points and time periods.

StaffCircle creates a win-win for both the employee and the back-office. It helps solve the problem of workforce management and also gives the worker a direct line to the top of the organisation, helping them become more empowered, improving engagement and productivity of all workers and the businesses they serve. Our mission is to engage, empower and enhance people at work.

Welcome to StaffCircle, please request a demonstration to find out more or run our easy to use Return on Investment Calculator to see how much your business could add to its bottom line by implementing the StaffCircle platform.