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Employee Engagement And The Theory Behind It

There’s been a shift taking place in workplaces around the globe. The shift is one that places emphasis on the concept of employee engagement. While the shift and emphasis have taken place and continue to gain momentum, it still can be complicated to define, difficult to measure and even more elusive to succeed at.

As worldwide organisations have begun to re-examine their relationship with their employee’s experience at work, a few questions are frequently raised, such as: What is employee engagement? How do we measure the level of employee engagement? Why does it even matter?

Let’s Explore The Basics of Employee Engagement + Why It Matters:

Defining employee engagement – For one company to the next, employee engagement will look a bit different, but some congruencies can be found across the board. Two main criteria can be found in an engaged workforce.

  1. The extra mile – Engaged employees go above and beyond the minimum that is required to complete their day-to-day jobs.
  2. A shared purpose – The engaged workforce understands the overall and high-arching goals or objectives of the organisation and share that vision as their own.

When these two core characteristics are present, employee engagement offers copious benefits to the organisation as a whole. Let’s explore the reasons why companies worldwide are pivoting their human resources strategies toward success in the area of employee engagement at a fever pitch.

The strong case for prioritising employee engagement – Negative levels of employee engagement come with a price tag. Companies in the United States estimate the drain on their collective bottom lines to be in the range of $450 billion to $550 billion each year. A recent Gallup study outlines the key advantages that companies with high employee engagement show (as compared to competitors with lower levels of engagement) such as:

  • 10% higher customer ratings
  • 21% higher profitability
  • 20% higher productivity
  • 24%-59% lower turnover
  • 41% lower absenteeism
  • 40% fewer quality defects

So, it’s been widely established that employee engagement is important, but how do you succeed at keeping your employees engaged. Even if it’s priority number one on your to-do list, do you know what your employees really want from your organisation to reach higher performance levels?

How To Win At Employee Engagement:

Take two steps back

It’s important to know (not guess) what your employees want. Many management teams offer perks or motivational programs that don’t sync with what employees actually desire. By speaking with key team members and creating anonymous opportunities for employees to provide feedback, you may learn key insights into what could very well be the secret sauce needed to amp up employee engagement in your business.

Improve basics if needed

An audit of your human resources functions may also be in order. Are you paying your employees fairly? Is your benefits package comprehensive enough and competitive as related to your market? Are there obstacles in the way of employees trying to perform their day-to-day tasks? What other basic HR improvements could help improve overall employee satisfaction and help you work toward optimal employee engagement? Get the foundational stuff in order first, or your efforts to succeed at employee engagement could be thwarted before they even begin.

Training, training and more training

The business that focuses on ongoing training typically logs higher levels of employee engagement. Empowered, knowledgeable employees are on the path toward engagement. Ongoing training programs will get you closer to an engaged workforce.

Use technology to support your mission

Countless HR technology tools are available in today’s marketplace, but only the top performers are truly designed to help you create a high-performing, engaged team. Look for tools in your HR software that can help you drive toward employee engagement. StaffCircle, a leader in HR technology platforms, offers an easy-to-use, affordable tech tool that can help you achieve your goals, including:

  • Performance Management – A powerful tool to unify team objectives and performance for all employees, accessible anywhere. StaffCircle’s performance management suite offers visual dashboards, performance review tools, cross-department syncs and third-party software integration as well as reward and incentive tools.
  • Communication Tools – Clear and consistent communication is imperative as you guide your team toward optimal engagement, but it gets harder and harder with geographically spread out teams, non-desk employees and remote workers. The StaffCircle platform helps your organisation create communication initiatives that keep everyone in the know – wherever they may be.
  • People Management – The StaffCircle people management tool offers simplicity for employee connections through directories, workforce sentiment gauges, accessible onboarding and HR documents, engagement measurement tools and more.

There is strong evidence showing that the trend toward employee engagement is not going away. When it comes to investing in this area of your human resources, the return on increased engagement is solid. Employee engagement is only successful in environments where trust and two-way communication exist. Employee engagement increases performance, productivity and well-being. Successes in this area also contribute to positive cultures and create employee recruiting and retention success. StaffCircle’s powerful HR platform can help your business move toward employee engagement objectives. It’s easy-to-use and can integrate with many popular third-party tech tools.

Schedule a free demo to learn more and assess how StaffCircle can get you closer to optimal employee engagement today.