For an Engaged and Motivated Workforce

Enable your team to achieve their full potential by listening to feedback, understanding challenges, and facilitating success.

Track Employee Sentiment

Monitor employee sentiment trends using an easy-to-use Happy or Not one-tap surveys to see how your workforce feels over time.

Gather actionable feedback

Listen to your employee feedback and use the employee's voice to create a workplace everyone for which everyone is proud to work. 

Reinforce core values

Encourage the behaviors you want to see by highlighting the company core values and promoting great behaviours within your workforce.

Discover promoters in your team

Use employee net promoter score surveys to regularly monitor engagement and turn promoters into company ambassadors.

Employee Engagement Features

✔ eNPS Surveys

✔ Employee sentiment

✔ Performance management

✔ Core values comms

✔ Employee feedback

✔ Employee guides

✔ Personal development plans

✔ Employee awards

✔ Peer awards

✔ Analytics & dashboards

✔ Data exporter

✔ Desktop, mobile & tablet


Improves worker engagement and information attainment


Reduces employee attrition


Increase in workforce morale and productivity

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Customer Testimonials

“Its helped us provide consistent
performance management which has
increased our employee engagement and work performance.”

Dale Moreton, Managing Director


“StaffCircle connects all our employees
desk and non-desk based, improving
communication across our entire

Nik Wood, Operations Director

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