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  • Actively measure employee satisfaction with regular happiness surveys
  • Conduct employee engagement surveys with our survey templates or custom surveys
  • Gain meaningful employee feedback and make informed decisions
  • Encourage collaborations & give employees a voice
  • Proactively track trends with custom reporting and insights

Key Features

Employee Surveys

Layer three types of surveys for the most holistic approach to employee feedback. Choose from ENPS, Engagement or Pulse surveys. Instant results.

Social Intranet

Create a central hub for information, files and fun. Connect your team wherever they are.

Dashboards & Analytics

Instant visibility into engagement levels. See who read or engaged with content, announcements posts or even documents. StaffCircle gives you a 360-degree view of engagement levels.

Multi-Channel Communication

Whether it is information on fire alarm tests, company updates, or department/site updates you can easily notify everyone via multiple channels i.e. Text, InApp, e-mail and Microsoft Teams.

Awards & Feedback

Tie recognition to your company values or goals and praise people based on specific behaviours and results. Customisable award badges let you align everything with your employer brand.

Performance management

Staffcircle uniquely connects engagement metrics with performance management for rich insight and guides you to the most impactful action you can take at your company.

Complete visibility into people and engagement levels

With analytics and intuitive dashboards you can see who is and who isn’t engaging with the content you publish (from policies to awards & fun articles) and what drives the conversation.

  • No more chasing - See who has read communications and target reminders accordingly
  • Support employee well-being -Highlight disengaged employee groups and tackle issues before they take root
  • Perfect for remote & hybrid teams - StaffCircle works on any device so engaging and communicating with your employees can happen anyplace, anytime.
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In the past, we didn’t know if people were reading our emails or not. With StaffCircle we can ensure that 100% have read the articles that we need them to read and there’s so many things that we can do to engage the employee.

Pam McCartney – The Green Organic Dutchman