Employee Development Software

Develop and grow, together

Empower personal growth to build a productive culture. Structured development creates focused employees who are driven to succeed.

They progress, you grow.

Organisations thriving with StaffCircle

Their success builds your success

Connect personal and business growth with structured skills and competencies.

All-in-one employee development combined with performance and engagement. StaffCircle gives you the power to thrive with proven employee development processes that deliver results.

Features of StaffCircle's employee development software
  • Objectives
  • Reviews
  • Insights
  • Skills


Clear objectives fuel development

Development objectives simplify progression.

Give employees control over their own skill development. Clarify growth opportunities, agree on visible targets, and track progress in one place.

Drive development with simple objectives


Measurable reviews focus growth

Structured development yields better outcomes.

Empower your workforce to structure their own development. Tie development actions into collaborative daily activity and enhance results with real-time insights.

Focus on employee development with personal development reviews


Accurate insights strengthen workforces

Make smarter decisions backed by data.

Interpret employee progress by individual, team, department or workforce to get a true reflection of potential. Validate your people strategy with accurate employee development insights.

Build better strategies with employee development insights


Understanding skills propels progress

Identifiable competencies improve strategy.

Understand your workforce capacity and make better hiring and progression decisions. Build competent teams that are equipped with the skills your business needs to succeed.

Employee development = employee retention

Employees, managers and leaders with a focus on development perform better.

Empower employee-centric development.

Motivate your team with a hands-on approach to their own career progression. Grant access to individual development plans and objectives, tailored to their strengths.

Help managers deliver success.

Give every manager the ability to nurture a successful team. Equip them with tools that improve knowledge, increase capability and streamline productivity.

Lead strategy with confidence.

Validate your employee development strategy with real-time data, insights and dashboards. Minimise admin and focus on your blueprint for success.

Performance management drives success