Employee Development Software

Create and retain high performers with employee development software

Use StaffCircle’s employee-centric development tools to embed structured growth and build success-focused teams.

StaffCircle makes employee development personal

Exit interviews on the rise?

Employees crave growth and transparency, so poor career development is why top talent chooses to switch roles.

Clear development improves engagement

Clear development processes improve morale, with StaffCircle customers seeing up to 74% better engagement.

Better engagement = better retention

With StaffCircle, 1 in 3 exit interviews could be prevented thanks to employee-centric automated development tools.

Nurturing employee growth with StaffCircle

All-in-one automated employee development software

Employees don’t stay with companies with no professional development opportunities. They leave to find a workplace that allows them to grow.

StaffCircle makes employee development actionable, visible, and personalized. Automated development tools improve employee engagement and retention.

Make employee development personal

No one’s career path is the same, so why are your development plans identical? Rewrite employee growth with self-led personalized development plans that nurture the talent of every employee.

  • Customizable, individual development plans
  • Professional development objectives
  • Best-practice development tools built-in

Stronger development = better retention

Create accurate development plans to be transparent about progression opportunities. Employees who understand their growth are more likely to stay and grow with you.

  • Make development part of daily activity
  • Automate development reviews
  • Streamlined onboarding for faster ramp time

Identify future leaders and spot risks early

How do you know who your future leaders are? Identify points of strength and weakness and create a strong continuity planning process based on real-time data, not guesswork.

  • Real-time employee development insights
  • Trackable employee skills and competencies
  • Departmental organization charts

Succession planning, made accurate

Create strong teams that are future-proofed for all eventualities. Understand your strengths and weaknesses early and put development plans in place so you don’t get left in the lurch.

  • Success Circles visualize competencies
  • Make smarter decisions, backed by data
  • Accurate development dashboards

See StaffCircle’s employee development software in action

Create a transparent development culture and enhance succession planning. See for yourself how automated employee development software nurtures high-performing employees.

Being able to view and update employee skills makes tracking team development simple

Our employees are more engaged in their development thanks to StaffCircle

Personalized development plans have created better employee experiences

What makes StaffCircle special?

StaffCircle’s employee development software makes professional growth accessible, open and achievable. Create a high-performance culture, based on accurate performance insights and automated development tools.

For HR leaders

Truly understand your workforce, your future leaders, and your skill shortages, at a glance.

For managers

Use best-practice development tools to create high-performance teams that deliver results.

For employees

Have hands-on impact on their career path and understand their future goals and opportunities.

For your C Suite

Confidence in future capability with improved retention and accurate succession planning.

Ready to drive development?

StaffCircle’s employee development software combines all the tools you need to drive performance, engagement and growth with real-time, actionable insights.

The result? A resilient, high-performance culture.

StaffCircle customers:

  • Find it 33% easier to retain top talent
  • See 74% higher employee engagement
  • Reduce absenteeism by 20%