Performance Management and Development Software

Fuel engagement and build high-performing teams

Performance management software that gives you all the tools you need to ensure that employees and departments across the organization are working effectively towards achieving the business’ strategic goals.

Performance Management

It’s time to make performance reviews more productive

  • One2One Check-ins

    Keep your team focused

    One2One Check-ins

    Keep your team focused and on track with structured and meaningful 1:1 check-ins.

    Our performance management software lets you create meaningful one2one check-ins.
  • Monthly & Quarterly Reviews

    Sustain high performance

    Monthly & Quarterly Reviews

    Recognise high performance, encourage growth and prevent issues before they arise.

    Use StaffCircle's performance management software to encourage growth and prevent issues before they arise.
  • OKR Objectives Software

    Align your goals

    OKR Objectives Software

    Create success by setting clear goals aligned to organisational objectives. Track progress along the way.

    Create success by setting clear goals aligned to organisational objectives.
  • 360 Appraisals

    Get the full picture

    360 Appraisals

    Prevent bias and go beyond just managerial feedback by obtaining input from multiple sources within your organisation.

    360 appraisals are a vital tool included in our performance management software
  • Real-time Performance Feedback

    Foster continuous growth

    Real-time Performance Feedback

    Get a balanced and accurate picture of performance, skills and behaviours from a variety of people across the organisation in real-time.

    Real-time Performance Feedback
  • Competency Alignment

    See who your best performers are

    Competency Alignment

    Success Circles™ is a modern approach to the 9-box grid method which allows you to measure performance against a competency framework and set of values.

    Get competency alignment using performance management software
  • Performance KPI SMART Objectives

    Increase productivity & achieve results

    Performance KPI SMART Objectives

    Leverage a framework for your business that drives measurable results. Align goals with company objectives to achieve your business’ desired outcomes.

    Performance KPI SMART Objectives
  • Dashboards and Reports

    Spot trends at-a-glance

    Dashboards and Reports

    Measure employee performance and analyse it over time to find the best ways of supporting staff development.

    Measure employee performance and analyse it over time with dashboards and reports
  • Awards & Recognition

    Encourage high performance with praise

    Awards & Recognition

    Recognise employee performance and celebrate wins with praise that everyone can see.

    Recognise employee performance and celebrate wins with praise that everyone can see.

Performance management software enhances core value alignment

It can help businesses engage employees and ensure they are in alignment with organizational goals, which will lead them towards higher levels of productivity as well!

Performance management software helps employees


will have clear objectives aligned to strategic goals and will feel engaged and motivated.

Performance management software helps managers


will have meaningful conversations with the employees and feel confident about performance management processes.

Performance management software helps HR leaders

HR Leaders

will have full visibility of people management at the click of a button. No more chasing and digging for information.

Deliver more valuable insights and reduce manual chores with automation

Running a manual performance management system using Word and Excel can be time-consuming and ineffective with poor consistency and visibility. StaffCircle has created a fully automated, paperless software that tracks employee progress while saving you numerous hours every week and giving leadership the visibility to fix problems where needed.

Unify employee performance and culture to drive productivity

By delivering consistent Performance Management integrated with culture and recognition you can see alignment with your values as well as performance and this drives the very best outcomes with your workforce.

StaffCircle improves performance management visibility

The product is packed with features like the performance objectives dashboard, employee engagement pulse survey, feedback and automation. Yet what I like most about StaffCircle is the level of customer service they provide.

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Performance Management Software for exceptional employee experiences

Use performance management software as a driver of great employee experiences and create a thriving workplace that’s magnetic and full of opportunities. Transform employee success by combining engagement, performance and culture.


What is performance management software?

Performance management software helps businesses improve their performance by getting employees to work more productively. The software makes sure that individuals and teams are working towards the same goals as the company, and that they are engaged in doing so.

What is continuous performance management?

Instead of annual performance reviews, continuous performance management involves regular check-ins and continuous feedback. A performance management system provides the tools needed to support this approach.

What to consider when choosing performance management software?

Standalone or Suite: The right decision for your company depends on the needs of your organization.

Budget: The balancing act of keeping within the confines of a budget while procuring an optimal package is vital for any manager. Always check pricing, making sure there are no hidden extras, and use an ROI calculator to help justify the cost. Employee performance gains can often offset the cost of new performance management software.

Usability: Performance management software that’s user-friendly will be more effective, look for a solution that has been built with ease of use for managers and employees in mind. A system that has easy-to-interpret performance reports and dashboards for HR leaders is also something to look out for.

Customization: You need to ensure that whatever system you purchase and deploy will be tailored specifically for your organization’s needs.

What changes will employees see with a new performance management process?

Regular and meaningful performance reviews and a vehicle for employee feedback will cultivate better professional relationships, enable clarity around goals, and increase productivity and job satisfaction.

Can StaffCircle help with talent management?

Staffcircle is made up of three modules, performance management, engagement and culture and HR operations. With a combination of these modules, StaffCircle can help employers effectively develop, reward, and retain top talent.