Success Circles™

Understand the value of every employee

Success Circles collate every platform interaction to build a real-time picture of employee potential. Identify top performers, development requirements, and future leaders at a glance.

Real-time activity creates unbiased insight.

Organisations thriving with StaffCircle

Cultural alignment: decoded

Success Circles collect, analyze and distil every single activity on the StaffCircle platform. A true measure of employee engagement, generated from performance interactions.

Visible to leaders, managers, and employees alike, Success Circles empower open discussion about ability and potential.

Collect and analyze granular data from every action. Measure the outcome of performance strategies over time. Spot future leaders and identify your rising stars early.

Improve satisfaction and retention. Understand your workforce.

Engagement signals, not surveys

Static engagement surveys are an unreliable measure of alignment at a single point in time. Honest engagement data must be collected through day-to-day activity.

Success Circles intelligently analyze every piece of feedback, review, objective and award, in real time. A true measure of employee engagement, accessible on demand.

Measure performance against values

Make data-driven decisions that don’t rely on performance metrics. High achievement does not always indicate leadership potential.

Employees who are engaged and driven to succeed are your most valuable asset. Nurture their development to create a culture of high performance.

Go beyond the 9 box grid

The 9 box grid only measures performance capability. It gives an inaccurate reading of who your most valuable employees truly are.

Success Circles enrich people management with in-depth insight into employee potential. Retain and develop your most aligned team to boost growth.

Invest in the right people

Invest in the employees that align with your mission. Don’t limit your progression decisions to performance achievements alone.

Assess cultural alignment, engagement, and behavior to discover your rising stars. Underpin values with performance to discover who really drives your success.

Power your growth with data-driven employee insights

Employees, managers and leaders with shared goals drive business success.

Engaged and valued employees

High performance employees are more productive

Value measured beyond performance. True potential: recognized.

Employees who are valued for more than their output are engaged, loyal, and more likely to succeed.

Insightful data = informed managers

Informed mangers drive better performance management

Empower managers to understand the driving force behind performance.

Equip them with cultural data insights to improve decision-making and build high-performing teams.

Leaders with confident strategy

Performance management software gives HR better insight

Give leaders the tools to promote the right people, at the right time.

Promoting solely on performance doesn’t equal results. Create better leaders with cultural insights.

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Awards & Recognition

Use awards & recognition to create an irresistible place of work that attracts and retains top talent, regardless of location

OKR Objectives Software

Turn goal-setting into a company-wide initiative with OKR objectives software from StaffCircle. Clarify priorities and set visible targets.

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