Success Circles™

Improve planning with Success Circles™

Identify top performers, development requirements, and future leaders at a glance with automated succession planning tools.

Understand the value of every employee with Success Circles

No accurate succession data?

High admin levels and data inaccuracies cause headaches for finance leaders, with no clear overview of workforce ability.

Go beyond the 9 box grid

StaffCircle eliminates employee data errors, with 93% of customers confident in the accuracy of insights.

Better planning = operational success

67% of Success Circle users find future planning and identifying succession opportunities more effective

Hector C.

Fantastic product and customer support

“We now have a full 360 view of our employees. We have taken processes that were across different platforms and centralized them all in StaffCircle, and have intelligent reporting for processes that were once captured in Word or Excel documents.”

Evolving workforces use StaffCircle’s automated tools

Accurate insights that underpin succession planning

Success Circles collect, analyze, and distill every single activity on the StaffCircle platform. They automatically create an accurate picture of employee performance, engagement, and development from everyday interactions.

Clear visibility of growth

Use Success Circles’ automated dashboards to scope out your future leaders. Easily identify opportunities and risks to build bespoke and targeted employee development plans.

  • Measure performance against values
  • Use employee signals, not surveys
  • Invest in the right people

See Success Circles in action

Businesses using Success Circles operate better, with higher productivity. See for yourself how automated development, performance, and engagement tools can power your strategy.

StaffCircle has allowed me to half my admin time, the system is exceptionally user friendly and the reports you can pull are great

With a wide variety of functionality, StaffCircle has decreased the level of admin required and increased the level of insight available

StaffCircle has enabled users the ability to develop individuals, teams and areas. It keeps data in one accessible platform.

Ready for simple succession planning?

StaffCircle combines all the tools you need to drive performance, engagement, and development with real-time, actionable insights.

The result? A resilient, high-performance culture.

StaffCircle’s HR leaders:

  • Improve succession planning processes
  • Find it 33% easier to retain top talent
  • See 74% higher employee engagement
  • Reduce absenteeism by 20%