HR Operations

There’s hidden potential in your HR team

The StaffCircle approach to HR is simple: do less to do more. Through automation, our HR software frees up valuable time and improves your bottom line by allowing your team to focus on high-impact activity.

HR Operations

Say goodbye to labour-intensive, time-consuming HR tasks

  • Employee Skills & Development

    Inform your employee development and hiring programs

    Employee Skills & Development

    Analyze skills gaps and surplus across your workforce with customizable skill features and dashboards

  • HR Analytics

    Power employee success with next-level insights

    HR Analytics Software

    Track key workforce metrics across all aspects of the employee lifecycle and make decisions based on meaningful data

  • Employee Database Software

    Centralize your employee data

    Employee Database Software

    Have a single source of truth for all information gathered throughout your employees’ lifecycle.

  • Employee Self-Service

    Reduce HR and manager workload

    Employee Self-Service

    Manage HR-related tasks with ease and let your employees complete job-related tasks so you don’t have to

  • Tasks & Worksheets

    Eliminate manual tracking of who has read, signed, and returned company documents

    Tasks & Worksheets

    StaffCircle lets you easily track communications, set tasks with automated reminders, and report on progress.

  • Absence Management Software

    Plan your workforce more strategically & automate the process

    Absence Management Software

    Keep track of who is off and when with a complete holiday booking and tracking system for all types of leave and absence management.

  • Onboarding & Offboarding Software

    Enhance employee experience, increase security and improve compliance

    Onboarding & Offboarding Software

    Put structure around your onboarding and offboarding process and collect data at scale.

  • HR Document Management Software

    Gain enterprise level security & compliance and follow records back to their origin

    HR Document Management Software

    Track, and find any changes made to your data or settings, plus who made them and when. Even if you have multiple administrators.

  • Department Organisation Charts

    View people, teams and departments in one place

    Department Organisation Charts

    Manage, better and more efficiently, and oversee your entire team with StaffCircle’s automatically updated org charts.

  • Working Shift Patterns

    Streamline operations and improve workforce flexibility

    Working Shift Patterns

    Manage, schedule, and configure the various shift patterns of your workforce as well as set them in either hourly or daily mode.


will have clear objectives aligned to strategic goals and will feel engaged and motivated.


will have meaningful conversations with the employees and feel confident about performance management processes.

HR Leaders

will have full visibility of people management at the click of a button. No more chasing and digging for information.

How TGOD saved $65,000 by implementing one thing

The product is packed with features like the performance objectives dashboard, employee engagement pulse survey, feedback and automation. Yet what I like most about StaffCircle is the level of customer service they provide.

Pam McCartney – The Green Organic Dutchman

Are you ready to experience the full potential of StaffCircle

StaffCircle combines performance management, communications, company culture, and HR to be the ultimate driver of employee success for your organization. It’s the last comms and culture platform you’ll ever need to try.