Employee Engagement Software

Employees that shout from the hilltops, not quietly quit

Inspire employee advocacy to create a thriving workplace. Effective employee engagement creates motivated teams with aligned goals, values, and purpose.

Turn their volume up.

Organizations thriving with StaffCircle

Bring employees to life

Create a culture driven by communication and engagement.

All-in-one employee engagement combined with performance and development. StaffCircle gives you the power to thrive with proven employee engagement strategies that deliver results.

StaffCircle's employee engagement software features
  • Recognition
  • Insights
  • Surveys
  • Newsfeed
  • Communication


Recognizing success drives engagement

Recognition is the cornerstone of great employee satisfaction.

Use fully integrated recognition tools to attract, engage and retain high performers. Share success and real-time feedback to drive employee satisfaction.


Granular insights build strategy

Detailed insights power high-performance strategies.

Understand what drives your workforce with granular people insights. Real-time data on employee engagement enhances survey results to give confidence in every strategy.

Develop better employee engagement strategy with detailed insights


Measure employee engagement strategically

Layering employee surveys provides transparency.

Implement results-driven surveys that offer honest insight. Layer eNPS surveys, employee engagement questionnaires, and sentiment analysis for a 360 overview of satisfaction.


Effectively engage dispersed teams

Centralized communications engage and inform.

Keep employees up to date without sacrificing productivity with feature-rich newsfeeds. Post image and text announcements, encourage activity, start conversations, and analyze engagement.

Newsfeeds connect distributed workforces effectively


Simple communication increases productivity

Multi-channel communications reduce admin and boost interaction.

Engage your team from anywhere with email, in-app, text and push communications. Involve employees at the heart of important conversations, no matter where they’re based.

Your workforce connected by employee engagement software

Engaged employees, managers, and leaders that share your vision power growth.

Engage and excite your employees

Empower your team to build their ideal workplace. Drive a collaborative culture.

Involve them with open communications, better visibility, and actionable insights that deliver honest feedback.

Get managers involved

Enable managers to drive success. Spot potential exits early and prevent losses.

Equip them with tools that improve engagement to drive better performance, productivity, and longevity.

Take the guesswork out of engagement

Understand what actually drives engagement. No last-ditch strategies.

Validate your people management processes with granular insights, open communication, and valuable feedback.

Performance management drives success