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The StaffCircle employee success platform combines performance management, engagement, and culture into one unified solution to help attract and retain your top talent.

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When it comes to employee success, many companies today are struggling to keep up with the demands of a distributed workforce. StaffCircle was created to help companies overcome these challenges by providing a better way to manage employee performance and engagement.

Performance Management

All the tools you need to ensure that employees and departments across the organization are working effectively towards achieving the business’s strategic goals.

StaffCircle Performance Management gives you all the tools you need to ensure that employees and departments across the organization are working effectively
Give your people the tools they need to do their best
One2One Check-ins

Keep your team on track with regular one-on-one meetings as part of your performance review process using our employee check-in software. Your digital dedicated space for structured and meaningful conversations.

Monthly & Quarterly Reviews

Move away from annual reviews or yearly reviews that can only analyze past performance towards periodic reviews or regular reviews that help you and your team instantly course correct to achieve your company’s future plans.

OKR Objectives Software

Turn goal-setting into a company-wide initiative with OKR software from StaffCircle’s performance management platform. Clarify priorities, set visible targets, and track progress. Implement an OKR methodology and make the relationship between individual goals across the entire company clear with OKRs.

360 Appraisals

Give and request feedback from individuals, peers, managers, and external clients for skills mapping and a 360-degree overview of your employee performance. Our AI capabilities can process feedback and highlight trends in a department or team, giving you a much more in-depth view and understanding than managerial feedback alone.

Real-Time Performance Feedback

A better alternative to traditional performance reviews, our real-time feedback system provides an up-to-date, true picture of how everyone in the company is performing. Performance data allows you to see who is doing well and who needs help, so you can provide feedback that actually improves your performance management process.

Competency Alignment

Success Circles™ is a highly visual, real-time graphical scorecard of an employee’s competency alignment. A superior alternative to the 9-box grid method Success Circles identifies growth areas linked to an employee’s performance and cultural alignment.

Engagement & Culture

Organizations with strong company cultures and highly engaged employees routinely outperform their competitors. StaffCircle equips you with the tools to connect your entire workforce, no matter where they’re based.

StaffCircle Engagement & Culture module
Support their well-being while improving performance
Employee Newsfeed

Keep your employees excited about the future and align them with company goals, strategic priorities, and mission.

Culture Feedback

Giving employees feedback is a great way to show your appreciation for each other’s work and highlight your company values. With our culture feedback feature, you can easily share employees’ great work with everyone and publicly praise them for their contributions.

Employee Surveys

Layer three types of surveys for the most holistic approach to employee feedback. Use eNPs questions for gauging overall satisfaction, dig deeper with engagement surveys, and close the feedback loop with sentiment analysis. All pulled into a meaningful set of findings with connected analytics.

Social Intranet

Create content, communicate, collaborate, manage tasks and events, and develop the company culture.

People Insights

People Insights is an easy way to measure people’s interactions, behaviors, and sentiment over time. You can uncover trends and actionable insights that will help you increase engagement.

Employee Communications

Communicate with your team through any channel on any device, ensuring that no one falls through the cracks. With our platform, you can send messages across multiple platforms including text, email, inApp, and Microsoft Teams.

Skills and Development

Create a positive impact with StaffCircle’s optional Skills & Development module. Empower employees to take charge of their growth, with trackable objectives and structured development plans.

StaffCircle optional HR functionality offers an automated and customisable approach that reduces admin time and helps your HR team focus on high-impact activities.
Create a personal development culture to transform employee success
Personal Development Objectives

Make performance development visible with clear objectives. Engage your employees in their own development, giving them the power to update progress against objectives. Clarify development opportunities, set visible targets, and track progress in one place.

Employee Development Reviews

Empower every employee to understand their own development with insight-driven, collaborative development reviews. Managers can keep progress front of mind, creating robust teams with evolving skill sets.

Employee Skills & Competencies

Cluster employee skills according to job types, measure your existing skill repository and upskill & develop your people in the strategic direction you want to go.

Employee Timeline

Keep track of employee activity, performance analytics, achievements and messages in one place. Provide accurate feedback and reviews, with the use of a simple timeline showing deep insights.

Department Organisation Charts

Automatically turn complex reporting structures into diagrams to better understand employees, relationships and departments. Visualise your company hierarchy to identify structural gaps, pain points and areas for improvement at a glance.

Employee Analytics

Maximise worker productivity with Employee Analytics and make confident decisions by turning your static employee information into dynamic actionable insights with state-of-the-art reporting capabilities. Even when you are on the go.

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The product is packed with features like the performance objectives dashboard, employee engagement pulse survey, feedback and automation. Yet what I like most about StaffCircle is the level of customer service they provide.

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