Engage, develop, and improve performance in one automated platform

Use StaffCircle’s all-in-one performance management software to digitalise your process, engage your employees and create a high-achieving team on any device, from any location.

High-performing organizations trust StaffCircle

StaffCircle is the only platform that lets you drive performance management with automated processes, access dedicated engagement tools, and craft detailed development plans.

All evidenced by real-time employee data that’s collected automatically.

Performance management

Break free from spreadsheet overload with StaffCircle’s mobile-accessible platform that improves performance.

Centralize communication, access accurate performance insights, and implement proven performance processes, automatically.

  • Go paperless with automated digital processes
  • Improve performance with best-practice templates
  • Spend 90% less time on performance admin

Employee engagement

Tackle high attrition rates hands-on with StaffCircle’s automated employee engagement software.

Bridge the generation gap, engage consistently across multi-site locations and use real-time analytics to measure what truly resonates.

  • Make engagement measurable with accurate data
  • Experience 57% lower employee turnover
  • See 74% higher employee engagement

Employee development

Address the talent gap with StaffCircle’s personalized employee development software.

Make progression opportunities and development plans clear and visible with digitally-tracked personal development plans.

  • Make development personal to each employee
  • Create a highly-skilled workforce
  • Easily identify skills gaps and potential risks

Supporting people leaders, managers, and employees to perform better

Automate your existing processes and gather real-time employee insights to drive better performance, retain top employees, and reduce admin.

For HR leaders

Stop relying on spreadsheets and reduce admin with best-practice digital processes that automatically gather real-time employee insights.

For managers

Follow a consistent set of templates for performance, engagement, and development to create, develop, and maintain high-performing teams.

For employees

Understand their goals, value, and impact with self-service performance, engagement, and growth tools that promote visibility, honesty, and recognition.

For your C Suite

Have confidence in the execution of your day-to-day strategy and make data-driven decisions based on accurate, real-time employee data and insights.

Ready to improve performance?

StaffCircle combines all the tools you need to drive performance, engagement, and development with real-time, actionable insights.

The result? A resilient, high-performance culture.

StaffCircle customers:

  • Find it easier to retain top talent
  • See 74% higher employee engagement
  • Experience 57% lower employee turnover
  • Reduce absenteeism by 20%