Business growth, built on employee success

StaffCircle combines engagement, performance, and development in one platform. Power the three pillars of success to attract, develop, and retain high-performing talent.

Focus on your strategy, not on admin.

30-second overview

Organizations thriving with StaffCircle

People success. Built better.

Effective people management doesn’t happen by accident. Successful employees are nurtured.

Achieve high performance by focusing on every aspect of employee development.

Grow your employees through three vital pillars of unbiased data.

Employee engagement →

Accurate, real-time data on productivity, satisfaction, and culture

Performance management →

Results-driven goals that keep teams delivering and accountable

Skills and development →

Individual success plans that enhance and retain top talent

Employee performance: opinions facts

The strongest workforces are built on diversity. But diverse doesn’t have to mean subjective.

Get the insights you need to give you confidence in your strategy with StaffCircle’s granular real-time data.

Access the insights you need, whenever, wherever you need them.

Unleash your organization’s potential to succeed

What’s stopping your company from thriving?

It’s a frustrating reality of running a successful business in 2023. We’re faced with more challenges and distractions than ever before.

You can have the right strategy, but without accurate tools, you can’t drive results. We’ve created the only tool you need for effective people management.

Performance, engagement, and development. All in one place.

  • Performance Management
  • Engagement & Culture
  • Skills & Development

Performance Management

Real-time feedback, meaningful appraisals, and clear objectives.

The driving force behind high-performing teams.

No more paper. No mass scheduling. No more chasing managers.

Instead, ingrain performance into daily work. Allow your team to receive valuable feedback, request manager support, and manage their own progress.

Give them the power to thrive.

Engagement & Culture

Customizable awards, actionable feedback, and measurable engagement.

The key to a thriving company culture.

Less guesswork. More insights. Better productivity.

Perfect for distributed workforces. Improve engagement and retention with visible recognition, shared values, and enhanced people insights.

Build a culture of success.

Skills & Development

Development objectives, progression-led reviews, and competency insights.

The toolkit that drives employee success.

Actionable insights. Fact-based evaluation. Defined career paths.

A true understanding of your employee’s potential. Let them grow, faster, with personal development plans, real-time proficiency, and visible progression tracking.

Create a high-impact workplace.

StaffCircle powers successful teams

The driving force behind people management

StaffCircle organizations see 74% higher engagement

Engaged organizations see:


less absenteeism


higher profits


less employee turnover

Designed to work with your existing infrastructure

Save time and improve functionality.

StaffCircle’s intelligent people success platform integrates with your essential toolkit.

Bridge the gap between in-office, hybrid and remote workers to deliver a seamless employee experience.

Enhance performance, engagement, and development, no matter how you work.