Tools for retail employee engagement

Fast and targeted communication with your employeesReach entire workforce – keep employees up to date

StaffCircle connects your employees, desk-workers and non-desk and allows you to timely share weekly schedules, shift changes or product news as well as receiving feedback. . Provide a real-time feed of company information through articles and personal notifications which can generate likes and suggestions.

Digitise Workflow with Tasks and Worksheets

StaffCircle enables you to assign digital Tasks and Worksheets your employees, enabling you to you to assign Health & Safety forms, Equipment checks, share weekly schedules, shift changes or product details as well as gaining complete visibility to productivity across department, team, site or entire organisation.

Create and share product training

Our platform allows you to upload and create new product video training and ensure the material has been read and completed. Keep your employee up to date with new products and safety and keep yourself compliant.

Receive sentiment and feedback from frontline employees

In retail, frontline employees are your customer’s contact with your brand, so happy employees means a good brand and customer experience. Staffcircle let’s you see how your workers feel and allows to receive feedback about your customer preferences and their opinion about your products and transform your employee into brand advocates.

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