Transitioning back to the workplace post post COVID-19

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How likely is it that workers even want to return? What should business leaders expect? How should workers’ intentions inform back-to-the-workplace plans? What strategic approach should be taken? What strategic questions should we ask?

This webinar is geared towards giving you answers to these questions and the tools for charting the path towards the future of work. Join us as we look at strategies to:

  • Assess & determine what type of work approach will suit your organization the most
  • Create a plan for the following 3 key areas of business operations: Work (work design & locations legal & regulatory digital communications & culture) Workforce (future of work strategies HR processes and employee experiences) Workplace (physical environment)
  • Creating better future employee experiences

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We have teamed up with financial planning expert Centage to help you tackle the issue of transitioning back to the workplace.

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About the hosts

Mark Seemann

Founder and CEO of 3 SaaS businesses worth £35m+ during the last 20 years. Expert in Communications technology, CRM, Business Workflow and the creator of 2 VoIP patents

John Murdock

John is the President and Chief Executive Officer at Centage. He is an accomplished technology executive with over 20 years of experience in global software and services organizations.