The Future of Workforce Planning : New and more powerful methods

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Do traditional approaches to workforce planning still work? If not.. Are there other better/newer ways that create more growth, flexibility and development? Skills and competencies are hot topics for any business (especially during times of economic change) but the way winning companies view competency models is changing.

Join us as we dissect the complicated problem of workforce planning, competencies and skills:

  • Discuss the differences between new and old ways of workforce planning
  • Explain what works and creates growth in terms of competencies skills and capabilities
  • Explore what is changing and how
  • Outline what will make workforce planning successful in the future
  • Give you strategies to thrive during any disruption

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Chris Timol

Sue Gott

Chris has over 25 years of experience in Human Resource Leadership. Over the years, he has held numerous Senior Leadership positions and he is one of PuzzleHR’s co-founders, President and Chief Operating Officer.

Mark Seemann

Founder and CEO of 3 SaaS businesses worth £35m+ during the last 20 years. Expert in Communications technology, CRM, Business Workflow and the creator of 2 VoIP patents