Roundtable Event: From the Great Resignation to the Great Retention

Thursday, 2nd December 2021 @ 4pm GMT (11am ET)

The Round Table took place on Thursday, 2nd December 2021 @ 4pm GMT (11am ET)

How to create an organizational culture that prevents employee churn?

The event covered a range of topics relating to organizational culture, employee experiences, employee engagement, and most notably, what the industry – and individual organizations – need to do to persuade HR leaders to drive engagement and employee experiences via performance management and other enabling technologies.

With the impact of ‘The Great Resignation’ becoming clear, the event was also an opportunity for a panel of 5 key industry leaders to discuss the evolution of staff feedback and appraisals, examining what adaptations need to be made to ultimately monitor and improve overall employee experiences, happiness and engagement.

Discussion points included:

  • Dispelling the myth that remote/hybrid working always negatively impacts performance and employee engagement
  • The top considerations for hybrid working and when it comes to maintaining employee engagement
  • The traditional barriers to engaging with performance management tools. What can be done to combat these?
  • The role culture plays in ‘The Great Resignation’ and how this is impacting team morale. What can be done to retain staff during turbulent times?
  • The biggest contributor to ‘The Great Resignation’. Could the future of work see the ‘Great Retention’?

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About the experts

Michelle Brown

Business Leader & People Experience – Believe Housing

Michelle is a board level HR professional and a pioneer in creating exceptional employee experiences. She has over 20 years’ experience in delivering sustainable business change and transformation in a wide variety of industries including automotive, financial, FMCG, utilities, the NHS and housing.

Danielle Heath

Director- IES Culture

A diligent and driven former VP and Operations Manager with over 17 years’ experience in Banking, Finance and Operations achieving succession a variety of leadership and management roles, Danielle has successfully lead organizations and teams through a number of transformation, integration and change initiatives.

Steph Grainger

Director – IES Culture

A well-established NLP and EFT practitioner with over 9 years of experience working with individuals and business owners, Steph uses proven and powerful strategic tools and techniques for developing people and organizations to supercharge their growth.

Kevin Lockhart

Managing Director – Couno

Kevin’s shared passion for technology and IT infrastructures prompted him to start Couno which has grown into an international business with clients both in the UK and in Europe. He has over 20 years’ experience in leading distributed workforces and creating thriving organizational cultures.

Mark Seemann

Founder & CEO

A serial entrepreneur of 3 SaaS businesses worth £35m+ during the last 20 years. Expert in Communications technology, CRM, Business Workflow and the creator of 2 VoIP patents. Mark is an accomplished leader when it comes to HR technology, managing remote teams and creating inspiring work environments that people don’t want to leave.