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HR and People Management

Automating and optimising processes within your organisation

Employee Sentiment and Directory

Analysis allows HR to see trends in employee happiness and spot engagement issues early on. Sentiment controls are built into the system and can be set in anonymous mode. Directory management allows HR to enable and disable people, set up new sites and view individual productivity. Explore More

Performance Appraisals with Objectives and Employee Review Management

Our Objectives and Reviews Module allows HR, managers and employees  to easily and consistently manage their monthly, quarterly or yearly performnance objectives and also perform One2One Performance Appraisal Reviews against those objectives. These outcomes are stored under the employee record for later review and career progression. StaffCircle provices businesses with a digital perfromance management and appraisal process which provides consistant staff appraisals. Explore More

Mission & Values

Module allows HR to create a page accessible by all employees detailing the values and behaviour that the company expects all employees to aspire to. Each value and mission is #hash-tagged enabling great employee work or behaviour to be recognised and linked with a specific value.

Holidays and Absence

Module allows staff to request holidays or report sickness/absence and enables HR to manage and authorise or reject requests effectively as well as easy reporting of over/under usage of entitlements.



HR and Workforce Automation enables the Human Resource department and team Managers to optimise their activities and reduce the amount of time taken to perform paper-based and repetitive tasks such as employee performance appraisal and evaluation, org charge management, mission and values content, objectives and reviews management, training and up-skilling, engagement and communications.

HR Automation is about making our AI powered platform handle the repetitive boring tasks whilst freeing up the valuable HR resources within the organisation  for more high-value tasks such as progression, recruitment and culture.

Workforce Communications within StaffCircle enables HR to automate sending messages and content to workers using a multi-channel approach:-SMS, email and App Alerts.