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A Micro-service design, modular approach, built on Azure and capable of planet level scalability, StaffCircle is designed for rapid
expansion and utilisation.

Integration Marketplace

Allows pre-built integrations to be deployed easily by StaffCircle Customers. New integrations with common business line applications are being developed constantly and through our Zapier integration we can hook in to over 1000 apps including most popular Messaging, CRM and ERP systems.

Custom Modules

Developed specifically for your processes by our in house professional service team. Contact our sales team to find out more.


StaffCircle is designed for flexibility and integration into your existing internal or cloud based software systems.  Our App and platform sites outside of your core network which means you can allow employee smartphones and devices to access our mobile app and web software without internal network security concerns. Finally you can allow internal workforce communications to drive engagement and increase motivation without sacrificing your own internal network security.