Performance Appraisal, Review - Objectives Management System

Improve your Employee Performance and internal process with our Digital Worksheets, Tasks and Objectives System.


Tasks and Worksheets

Allow managers to create electronic work forms and then assign them as tasks to individuals or teams on a ad-hoc or recurring basis. Understanding which tasks have been completed and seeing incomplete tasks enables managers to optimise team performance and streamline operations. Worksheets are idea for creating many business forms such as time-sheets, health and safety forms and many more.

Employee Performance Appraisal Reviews, Objectives and Bonus Management

will enhance your employee performance and link people’s objectives to reviews and bonus awards. Our performance management system also gives busy managers a way to assign clear objectives and perform consistent employee performance appraisals and quarterly reviews. Now workers and see how they are performing against their objectives in real-time from the Mobile App. Our awards management feature allows leaders to easily create bonus schemes for all departments, even bonuses based on complex calculations using our bonus scheme builder. >>Discover More

Video Training

Module allows managers to create training courses for their Teams and assign awards and certificates for completing them. Training modules and courses can be run from home using peoples smartphones and tablets as well as PCs. This empowers and improves managers teams knowledge and performance and gives employees a sense of achievement and progression.


StaffCircle provides employees and managers with a powerful but easy to use platform which can provide effective management of communications, performance management appraisals for employees and managers, employee awards, digital worksheets, tasks, employee objectives, performance appraisal reviews, bonus scheme builder, and video training. StaffCircle provides a digital Employee Management System to manage performance appraisals will improve overall the staff appraisal process and performance management in general improving the overall employee appraisal process.

Our software can be run on any web enabled device including smartphones, tablets, pc’s and laptops and provides easy access to non-technical users. Powerful back office analytics enables managers and leaders to understand trends in employee performance and perform an employee appraisal more effectively.