Improve Engagement - Mobile Intranet for total Workforce Communications

Mobile Intranet with Activity Feed

Create a branded Company Communication experience for your valued Workforce

Using StaffCircle you can create a highly customised Internal Communications experience for your desk and non-desk based staff using our new Mobile Intranet Software. Most of your workers carry a smartphone in their pocket and have a tablet or iPad at home so you can connect with them in a valuable new way. Using StaffCircle those devices become a conduit for sharing Company information in a natural, unobtrusive style. This two-way communication improves the connection and enhances the relationship between you and your team.

Better Engagement levels with your Workforce than regular Intranets

Unlike most other intranets which require staff to log on to view, StaffCircle's Activity Feed can push articles to employees using Email, SMS and InApp notifications ensuring the content is read. Your workforce dont even need to install anything on their mobile phones becase the system can be used in Web App mode - enabling the same level of functionality of an App without requiring anything to be installed on the end-user device. When employees like or comment against an article it is logged in their timeline for future reference.

Full Control over Articles and Internal Comms Information

Using the StaffCircle platform to manage your Internal Communcations gives you full control over your content, who sees it, how important it is and how long it is visible. Articles can be pushed to Individuals, Teams, Departments, specific geo-located Sites or to the entire company. Articles can be scheduled to appear and disappear at specific times or be "pinned" to the top of the feed for a certain timeframe to ensure they get the right visability on a busy feed.

Multi-channel reach and hyper personalisation using our templating engine

StaffCircle offers superior levels of engagement with your Communications because relevant information is pushed to the right individuals at the right time.  We can achieve this because of the mult-channel reach and  hyper-personalisation which can be achieved using our templating engine.

Content Creation or Integration - playing nicely with your existing systems

Enabling you to create great content and ensure its delivery to your workforce is our forte. However, you may already have content sitting on your existing systems such as SharePoint, a Marketing Platform, CRM or a file sharing platform. Using StaffCircle's document integrations you can hook up many different types of systems to avoid creating duplicate content. Also using the StaffCircle API, articles can be created and distributed dynamically and on-demand. However if you just want to create great content directly from the platform, you can, with our web and mobile based editing suite, you can add rich content including video, images rich text and document attachements.

Your Internal Network Security and your content accessibility - a win-win.

Making your Internal Communications content available and accessible to your entire workforce whilst maintaining internal network integrity can be a challenge.  StaffCircle turns this dilema on its head. Our systems are highly secure with all information encrypted in transit and at rest, however, we also reside outside of your corporate network but allow you to push information out to our platform. This creates the accessibility, enabling personal smartphone and tablet access from anywhere, but also maintains your network integrity - a win-win for both Operations and IT/Systems departments.


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Power your Internal Workforce Communications with the World’s most flexible and accessible Mobile Intranet system. Utilise SMS, Email and In App Alerting to maximise the reach of communications to your distributed people wherever they are.